Enterprise Linux Tips | Page 31


  • Comparing Mozilla Thunderbird, Firefox

    How do Mozilla's new Thunderbird e-mail and Firefox browser programs stand up to Internet Explorer, Opera and other competitors? Expert Nigel McFarlane weighs in.

  • Migrating your XP desktop to Linux

    In this tip, Brenno de Winter explains how to move beyond Microsoft Windows XP and migrate completely to a Linux desktop.

  • Will Thunderbird best Outlook?

    Mozilla Thunderbird is still in its infancy, but expert Nigel McFarlane thinks it could have the right stuff to loosen Microsoft Outlook's stranglehold on businesses.

  • Running Mozilla processes on Linux

    Studying the threads that start when you run Mozilla can help you better understand both Mozilla and process creation on Linux.

  • 'Cat' is where it's at

    Two site experts give advice for using a cat -- the cat command, that is -- at your computer.

  • Expert mailbox yields clusters of tips

    Sam Greenblatt, site expert and CA's Linux architect, tackles IT pros' questions about tricky clustering problems.

  • Solaris-to-Linux porting, part 4

    Ken Milberg provides a Linux lesson for the Solaris pro.

  • Porting Solaris applications to Linux

    Ken Milberg outlines the differences between Solaris and Linux that you'll need to keep in mind to compile your apps successfully.

  • Moving files in a Unix-to-Linux port

    Ken Milberg discusses the crucial migration step of moving files from Unix to Linux.

  • Avoiding common Red Hat mistakes

    Author Mark Sobell describes common mistakes made by and important tasks neglected by admins.

  • Solaris-to-Linux porting, part two

    In part two of his series on migrating from Solaris to Linux, Ken Milberg shares his favorite porting methods.

  • Easy backups, Trojan defenses

    Red Hat Linux expert Mark Sobell describes a dangerous type of Trojan horse attack and how to repel it. Then, he offers up some handy backup tools.

  • Get with the script

    Here we take a look at the simple scripting tools that pre-date the Perl "Swiss Army chainsaw."

  • Red Hat tip: How to keep users checked

    Being a Linux admin is a lot more fun than being in charge of Microsoft Windows, says consultant Mark Sobell. Here's why, along with tips on user admin and under-used tools.

  • Solaris-to-Linux porting

    Ken Milberg follows up his popular Unix-to-Linux migration series with some nitty-gritty information on porting to Linux from Solaris.

  • What's inside Mozilla 1.7?

    Having trouble keeping up with the rapid changes occurring in enterprise Mozilla? Mozilla expert Nigel McFarlane offers some insights about Mozilla 1.7, Thunderbird and more.

  • Systematic file storage

    The architecture of Windows and Linux file systems is similar in some points, but diverges greatly when tools are considered. Here's a quick comparison.

  • Unix-to-Linux migration, part 3

    In the third installment of this three-part series, Ken Milberg ties up loose ends and helps you make some important final decisions about your migration.

  • Programming and admins

    "Linux Programming by Example" author Arnold Robbins explains how sys admins can use programming know-how, how to get smart, and why GNU programs are better than Unix programs.

  • Migrating your non-profit to Linux

    Minister and Linux administrator Don Parris shares advice from his experiences with migrating churches to Linux.