Enterprise Linux Tips | Page 30


  • Enterprise Linux desktops, now

    Administrators may be surprised to find that the application capabilities demanded by most users can be met by the Linux desktop right now.

  • How-to: Open source CRM with Sugar Pro

    Step-by-step instructions for using an open source CRM product.

  • How-to: Mail server migration

    How to switch from Windows to Linux for mail servers using a product from Kerio Technologies.

  • Beyond file and print serving, part 2

    This tip reviews key factors in the interoperability between the host platform that Samba is running on, which is typically Linux, and the Microsoft Windows environment.

  • Samba-3: Beyond file and print serving

    Those who are familiar with Samba know it provides file and print services, but not everyone is aware of the other services that Samba provides.

  • Blade servers cut through the clutter

    Blade servers may be able to make your data center really easy to manage. And that's not all. They can save you space, cabling, power and more.

  • Be open -- be secure

    It may sound paradoxical, but open source software can be one of the best ways to secure your enterprise.

  • Ready to use: Open source ERP

    In this tip, two of our site experts sound off about recently introduced open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) software options.

  • A guide to Nagios, Xen & Asterisk

    Open source expert Bernard Golden gives a tour of such lesser-known, enterprise-ready open source products as Nagios, Xen and Asterisk.

  • Sequence number differences

    Nigel McFarlane points out some essential differences between Oracle and MySQL sequence numbers.

  • How-to: Alacos Migration Agent

    In this how-to, find out how to complete a mass Windows-to-Linux desktop migration using Alacos Linux Migration Agent Network Server Edition.

  • Keeping up with the Joneses

    Mark Hinkle cautions against IT professionals becoming single-vendor dependent and touts the position of open source technologies in the operating system and flashy gadgets realms

  • Finding stuff on Linux

    Lost in Linux? In this tip, Nigel McFarlane provides command-line tools that can serve as your divining rods.

  • Enterprise Linux apps gap disappearing

    So many applications are available on Linux these days, if you're only thinking about Linux, you're behind the times.

  • Setting up a network

    Set up a network between your Linux and Unix servers to help out with your migration -- and get a better understanding of the challenges ahead.

  • The final frontier: Hacking sendmail

    While messing with kernel modules isn't trivial, there's a higher peak: hacking sendmail's configuration file. This tip shows you how to ruin your mail system with ease.

  • Comparing Linux business desktop

    Linux desktop expert explains why and how file sharing and other tasks on OpenOffice.org on Linux is as easy, even easier, than doing them on MS Office and Windows.

  • Installing Linux on business desktops

    Desktop Linux expert Marcel Gagne discusses why it's a little harder to install Linux than Windows on business desktops. Then, he offers some shortcuts for Linux installs.

  • Beating hackers, pirates and thieves

    Find out how hackers can steal your data and how you can stop their evil deeds. Security basics involving browsers, wireless security and partitioning are covered in this tip.

  • Re-branding Mozilla

    The Web browsers made by the Mozilla Foundation are highly customizable, either on Linux, Unix or Windows. In this tip, Nigel McFarlane shows you how to do some customization.