Chapter 4, Entering and editing the command line

Chapter 4 of "From Bash to Z shell" introduces the basic concepts of line-editing using the vi and Emacs bindings.

From Bash to Z shell: Conquering the command line (Apress) is a guide to the two most popular shells, bash and zsh, and is appopriate for all skill levels.

Chapter 4 -- Entering and editing the command line -- introduces the concepts of line-editing basics using both vi and Emacs bindings, followed by a discussion of command history and navigation. Readers will graduate to more advanced line manipulation and editing.

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Chapter 4, "Entering and editing the command line," is excerpted from From Bash to Z shell: Conquering the command line by Oliver Kiddle, Jerry Peek, Peter Stephenson, published in November 2004, by Apress (ISBN: 1-59059-376-6). Copyright © 2004, Apress. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission by Apress.

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