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  • April 21, 2016 21 Apr'16

    JBoss vulnerability highlights dangers of unpatched systems

    Up to 3.2 million servers with unpatched JBoss vulnerability from 2010 are open to spread ransomware through networks; experts urge keeping up with software patches to stay safe.

  • April 20, 2016 20 Apr'16

    Top five end-user computing topics at Citrix Synergy 2016

    Get ready for a new CEO on stage at Citrix Synergy 2016, with former Microsoft executive Kirill Tatarinov filling the big shoes of Mark Templeton. Synergy also includes sessions on all the newest features in XenDesktop, HDX and more.

  • March 14, 2016 14 Mar'16

    Windows Sleep: Great When It Works

    For years Windows sleep has been a troubled topic, beset with problems during wake-up. Recent firmware and OS updates have apparently fixed these issues.

  • February 17, 2016 17 Feb'16

    Windows workloads leap to cloud

    Regardless of hype, there are quite a few areas where cloud remains very much a work in progress. Take cloud bursting. This has long been IT's holy grail for cloud -- the ability to seamlessly expand capacity constrained workloads to outside of your data center to meet unexpected demand. But while it sounds good on paper, it's not as easy as it sounds.

    Running Windows rather than Linux in the cloud also hasn't been easy, but things are getting better. Technically, any infrastructure-as-a-service provider whose hypervisor exposes x86-based VMs should be able to run Windows.

    Speaking of Windows, you'd think that Microsoft Azure would be a shoe-in with developers looking for an easy-to-use cloud platform. Based off our recent #Hashtag feature, however, it seems Azure has its fair share of discontented developers.

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  • How Windows administrators can manage print queues

    Printer management requires making sure the correct and most current drivers are installed and that any print queues associated with a device are cleared. Continue Reading

  • How can a malicious C&C server remain undetected?

    A command and control server for the "Gh0st" malware campaign went undetected for two years, according to security researchers. Expert Nick Lewis explains how it happened. Continue Reading

  • To prevent VM sprawl, put data first and tools second

    The creation of too many VMs and the continued existence of unused VMs plague modern IT infrastructure. This three-part guide looks at the ongoing battle against virtual machine sprawl, with a focus on strategies and tools for tracking VM lifecycles. Servers can be virtualized so easily, a reality that is both a blessing and a curse. Unneeded VMs waste an organization’s resources and can create licensing complications. To combat these inefficiencies, IT teams should put specific controls in place and adopt strategies that prevent VM sprawl. This guide emphasizes the importance of business policies that require users to justify the need for and duration of a VM. Without reasonable controls in place, VMs will proliferate and, over time, diminish the effectiveness of a virtualized infrastructure.

    While many organizations have adopted sound practices for deploying virtual machines, they have not succeeded in effectively managing these virtualized environments. As a result, they are confronting server sprawl and losing the full benefit of their virtualization investments. Products exist to address this issue; some are from major virtualization vendors and others from third-party vendors. Combined with firm policies, these products can assist admins in managing VM sprawl, if not stopping it altogether.

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