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  • Dave Shackleford: Tips for IT security tools convergence

    More IT security products will be purchased as part of a suite offering from a single vendor. We offer guidance on how to evaluate these products and avoid tool overlap. Continue Reading

  • Hyper-converged market offers all-in-one infrastructure

    Hyper-converged storage systems have made their mark as a cost-effective, simple-to-deploy storage option for use cases such as virtual desktop infrastructure and remote offices. However, hyper-convergence hasn't yet taken larger enterprises by storm. This could be due to some drawbacks of the technology -- capacity and performance are often required to be scaled together, and many enterprises are concerned about vendor lock-in. However, vendors in today's hyper-converged market are addressing these problems with new systems to push the technology farther mainstream. For example, many vendors offer several configurations of their products, while hyper-converged software and all-flash versions are also emerging on the market.

    This handbook will provide an overview of the hyper-converged market as it stands today to help you decide whether the technology might be beneficial to your environment.

     Continue Reading

  • Comparing BI analytics tools from the leading vendors

    Deciding which BI analytics tool to buy shouldn't be based on the product with the most features but on the tool that best supports the needs of your business users. Continue Reading

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