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  • Book excerpt: AWS S3 tutorial for newbies

    Andreas and Michael Wittig, authors of 'Amazon Web Services in Action,' wrote about how to get started with Simple Storage Service, one of the most frequently used products in AWS.Continue Reading

  • Why information governance strategy equals information access

    Information governance strategy needs to facilitate proper collection of information, accommodate human error and legacy systems, and use emerging analytics tools.Continue Reading

  • Prelaunch planning is key for multilingual Web strategy

    Multilingual Web strategy should align technology and expertise to meet business objectives. Mapping out needs and capacity is a good place to start.Continue Reading

  • How can mobile backend as a service improve WCM?

    Information siloes can be a roadblock for delivering interactive mobile Web experiences. MBaaS can help WCM provide a more seamless integration.Continue Reading

  • Data integration strategy holds together data-driven businesses

    Mountains of data are useless to businesses if there is no good way to view and interact with that data. A strong data integration strategy can help companies harness information coming in from every direction and use it to support business goals.

    In this three-part guide, SearchDataManagement contributors offer advice and examples of what makes a strong data integration strategy. First, analyst Saurabh Jain offers advice for building an agile and flexible data architecture. Next, reporter Jack Vaughan looks at the importance of solid integration and data management capabilities to a healthcare company's efforts to analyze a diverse mix of data. And in a Q&A with SearchDataManagement, consultant Rick Sherman reveals some of his tips for integrating on-premises and cloud systems.Continue Reading

  • Maximize your ROI with cloud storage management

    While cloud storage may seem simple, there's a lot to consider to maximize ROI. Make sure security, metadata and management are top of mind.Continue Reading

  • Methods to improve enterprise search in content management apps

    It's no longer a struggle for organizations to document and store files -- even in the cloud. More difficult to do is storing that information in a way that makes sense and is easy to retrieve. It's a big problem facing organizations, with many looking to improve their enterprise content management software and search technologies. Luckily, there is hope on the horizon in the form of improved classification techniques.

    In this three-part guide, SearchContentManagement contributors outline some of those techniques and what companies can do with them. First, Laurence Hart discusses how text analytics and improved content classification can improve enterprise search. It's a growing trend in content management, and Hart expects "to hear vendors and analysts talking about how analytics engines on the front end can drive success" in the near future. Next, Jonathan Bordoli details two key information tools to better manage enterprise content: search-based applications and taxonomies. Bordoli says you can’t be successful at one without the other. Finally, consultant Steve Weissman offers up several important considerations when first implementing ECM software.Continue Reading

  • How metadata management relates to data governance and MDM

    Why is metadata management important? Because without it, you couldn't have a successful data governance or master data management program, explains governance expert Anne Marie Smith.Continue Reading

  • Building a website taxonomy in eight steps

    Building a taxonomy can help make website content better categorized and more findable by users. Here are eight steps.Continue Reading

  • Companies wield various technologies in going paperless

    In going paperless and digitizing processes, companies aren't striving to be eco-friendly. They’re trying to improve the way they work.Continue Reading

  • Building more powerful search atop an ECM system

    ECM often fails to deliver on its promised search capabilities. But start with the right building blocks and an ECM system can become a more powerful search tool.Continue Reading

  • What should I consider when crafting an object storage data protection plan?

    Learn why data protection practices common in traditional file storage environments aren't the best option for objects, and how metadata can help.Continue Reading

  • document sanitization

    In addition to making sure the document text doesn’t openly divulge anything it shouldn’t, document sanitization includes removing document metadata that could pose a privacy or security risk.Continue Reading

  • metadata security

    Metadata is defined as “data about data.” It adds information to data that makes it possible to process it automatically and to effectively find, categorize, share and reuse it, among other things. However, metadata that is accessed by unauthorized parties can pose a significant risk to businesses.Continue Reading

  • surveillance metadata

    Surveillance metadata is details about data pertaining to the actions of an observed party. Surveillance metadata not only facilitates categorizing and retrieving content but provides information on its own and may also be used to legitimize collecting and examining content.Continue Reading