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  • scrum master

    A scrum master is the facilitator for a product development team that uses scrum, a rugby analogy for a development methodology that allows a team to self-organize and make changes quickly.

  • Master the complexities of using cloud storage

    Companies of all sizes are investing in cloud technology, even if it's just using an outside provider for cloud backup. But what about using cloud storage as an archive or for primary data? Or a hybrid scenario where you meet your own, on-premises...

  • Integrate data quality into your master data management strategy

    What is the relationship between master data management and data quality? And how can data management teams uphold data quality as part of their MDM programs?

    When planning a master data management strategy, many businesses don't...

  • Mastering Windows 8 USB booting with Windows To Go

    Computing mobility has always been a challenge, obligating users to arrange multiple installations that are difficult to synchronize or carry a single system between locations. The introduction of Windows 8 Enterprise Edition offers a new option...

  • Master patient ID system not a threat to patient privacy

    A reader, responding to SearchHealthIT's interview with the national coordinator for health IT, explains the need for a master patient ID system.

  • Master cloud BPM without bloopers: Dos, don'ts

    If a company decides to move its business processes to the cloud, there are a few things that must be accomplished beforehand.

    First, there's nothing magic about...

  • Priming a master data management strategy for success

    What are your recommendations for developing and implementing metrics for MDM? How can an organization best measure an MDM program's effectiveness?

    Many organizations want to show that their master data management (MDM) programs...

  • Five tips to master Exchange 2013 OWA's new features

    End users can access calendars, contacts and email with a browser in Outlook Web App. But with OWA 2013 in Exchange Server 2013, end users have...

  • Getting ready for NFV: Master the basics and nail the RFP process

    Network functions virtualization (NFV) is designed to reduce network cost and complexity by virtualizing network equipment onto switches, servers and storage. NFV has the potential to bring service providers savings on capital equipment and network...

  • MasterCard and Syniverse launch geolocation card verification service

    MasterCard and Syniverse have launched a number of mobile and payment services for mobile users to use while travelling abroad

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