Windows-to-Linux migration

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  • Free Standards Group rallies against 'Unix-ization' of Linux

    The Free Standards Group wants to stop Linux from breaking up into numerous proprietary operating systems that require vendor-specific applications. 

  • Golden's Rules: Linux scales up in 2005 with new products, converts

    Columnist Bernard Golden says the growth of open source was evident in the new products showcased -- and the clothes worn -- at LinuxWorld. 

  • IBM offers a free server "hop" for Linux apps

    At the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo Big Blue unveiled a huge free-of-cost ISV initiative that allows for the "hopping" of Linux applications from one IBM server to the next. 

  • Ways to choose Linux & keep Microsoft, part 2

    Choosing Linux is not an all-or-nothing option. Thanks to some handy tools, IT managers can let some users cling to some Microsoft applications, even if their desktops and servers run on Linux. 

  • Linspire CEO: Let Linux compete to keep market fair

    Don't be fooled by a sweetheart deal, said Linspire CEO Michael Robertson. Companies -- and government organizations -- deliberating whether to buy Windows or Linux may find themselves tempted by a sweet price cut from Microsoft. But, Robertson cauti... 

  • Cybersource dishes out some Linux TCO 'truth' of its own

    Unleashing another broadside into Microsoft Windows, Cybersource today unveiled an update to its two-year-old study that compares total cost of ownership of Redmond's products against Linux and open source applications. 

  • Linspire CEO: Linux to yank cloth from MS table, part 1

    We've only gotten a small taste of the disruption Linux will cause, said Linspire CEO Michael Robertson. Look for Linux to dominate the server market and heavily infiltrate the device market and desktop market. In part one of this interview, Robertso... 

  • Gagne: Making a painless exit from Windows, Outlook

    For businesses hesitant to move from Windows to Linux desktops, expert Marcel Gagne has solid advice: Start by stepping into the shallow end of the pool. 

  • Linspire CEO: Linux to yank cloth from MS table, part 2

    Michael Robertson describes how his company hopes to achieve success in laying out its own buffet of Linux offerings. 

  • Linux aims to divide and conquer the desktop

    Is Linux a speed bump or a road block for Windows and other proprietary desktop application suites? This week another salvo in this desktop debate was fired with the release of Novell's Linux Desktop 9, but with a pragmatic approach users may not be ...