Windows-to-Linux migration

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  • Minister promotes Linux beyond the pew and into the data center

    It's no shock that someone who calls Microsoft an "economic terrorist" would balk at the idea of allowing the company's software to run on his computer. The Rev. Don Parris, a Linux devotee, says he doesn't hate the company. He just wants to replace ... 

  • At university, GroupWise on Linux beats out Exchange

    When Golden Gate University's e-mail/collaboration software needed an update, Exchange was on the eval list. In this story, GGU's IT team explains why Exchange wasn't chosen and the university is pursuing an aggressive new Linux and open source strat... 

  • Microsoft exec calls for calm on OSS site

    Port 25, Microsoft's window into its Open Source Software Lab, is a month old and already users are doubtful the move is genuine. Upper management at Microsoft is the real roadblock to constructive dialogue, they say. 

  • Microsoft's high prices drive FSW to Linux, open source

    Microsoft's high costs and pricing policies are driving FSW Inc. into the arms of the open source community. The company's IT director describes how and why FSW switched to Linux and open source apps and to server virtualization and OpenOffice deskto... 

  • How one bank found a perfect balance for Linux and Windows

    Here's how one network engineer strikes a balance between Linux and Windows. Kerry Miller finds the right spot for both at First Victoria National Bank in Texas. 

  • Breaking down barriers to Linux desktop adoption

    IT consultant and "Linux Desktop Hacks" co-author Jono Bacon describes how to combat irrational rejection of the Linux desktop adoption, which he thinks is just as good as Windows. 

  • Kusnetzky: IT shops' needs drive Open-Xchange's new Outlook

    Former IDC analyst Dan Kusnetzkyconnects the dots between the Open-Xchange Server 5 updates and trends in corporate IT strategies. 

  • SCALE Linux Desktop 10 news revisited, revised

    Novell's Linux desktop 10 will include improved file sharing, security and interoperability features, plus support for Visual Basic macros in Excel. 

  • Scalix founder: New e-mail release MS-friendly and MS rival

    Scalix 10 is both Microsoft-friendly and bad news for Microsoft, says Scalix's founder in this interview. Scalix 10, a new Linux-based e-mail release, was unveiled today at the Open Source Business Conference in San Francisco. 

  • Two ways Microsoft's mindshare sabotages Linux desktop adoption

    Microsoft may not make flawless software, but its proprietary strategy is hard to fault. In particular, Microsoft has mastered desktop lock-in, undermining users' confidence in any alternatives and creating a slew of minor difficulties that irritate ...