Windows-to-Linux migration

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  • Migrating a corporation to OpenOffice

    This case study describes the successes and pitfalls of migrating a large corporation from Microsoft Office to open source office suite OpenOffice. Find out what to avoid and discover the lessons they learned. 

  • Migrating a city government to OpenOffice

    This case study covers a city government's migration from Microsoft Office to OpenOffice on a Linux network that was formerly running Unix. Find out what made this move successful. This is part of a series about migrations from proprietary office sof... 

  • Linux x86 growth outpaced by Microsoft Windows

    The Linux server market has continued its robust quarter-over-quarter growth in the x86 market, but Microsoft -- yes, that Microsoft -- had bigger growth overall. 

  • Introduction to coLinux: Linux on Windows, Literally

    You can still run Linux inside Windows, even if you have limited operating system capabilities, thanks to Cooperative Linux, or coLinux, without even having to reboot. 

  • Golden on Linux: ODF vs. OpenXML, RHEL 5 and Linux adoption

    In this tip, an open source software and applications expert explains why the OpenDocument-OpenXML debate doesn't matter and why Red Hat is the best Linux choice for businesses. 

  • Pre-loaded Linux = Increased adoption?

    A user asks whether pre-loading Linux will mean an increase in adoption or will users stick with the familiar Windows operating system. 

  • Open source communities, adoption and the Microsoft-Novell deal

    An expert describes the aim of open source advocacy communities, the formation of a new one, and how the Microsoft-Novell deal impacts the community and adoption. 

  • RHEL 5 or Vista?

    An expert talks about the pros and cons of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 for a user torn between using Linux and upgrading to Vista. 

  • OpenXML vs. OpenDocument Format (ODF)

    An expert discusses possible issues that could arise from using OpenXML and OpenDocument Format. 

  • Linux vs. Windows security

    An expert describes what makes Linux more secure than Windows.