• SUSE has Sun Solaris in its sights with SP2

    SUSE shops are cautious after a long silence from the Novell post-Attachmate deal; experts say Linux has eclipsed Unix generally, but SUSE needs work.

  • A complete guide to Unix-to-Linux migration

    This comprehensive guide details everything involved in a Unix-to-Linux migration, from porting applications to training staff to manage a Linux environment.

  • Unix

    Unix (often spelled "UNIX," especially as an official trademark) is an operating system that originated at Bell Labs in 1969 as an interactive time-sharing system.

  • Training Unix staff to manage Linux environments

    In a migration from Unix to Linux, the staff need to be trained to manage the new Linux environment. Learn how the systems management of Linux differs from Unix and what your staff needs to know to...

Unix-to-Linux migration

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  • OpenSolaris takes first steps

    The only things Sun lacked yesterday were organ music and peanuts as the company officially launched "opening day" for the OpenSolaris project. 

  • Proprietary on life support? IT pros weigh in

    Are reports of the death of proprietary greatly exaggerated? IT pros offer their opinions. 

  • Solaris 10, the Cinderella OS?

    A Burton Group analyst makes the case for Solaris 10 over Linux. 

  • LinuxWorld Summit: Quantifying value of Linux no easy task

    Novell strategist John Dobbs wants you to stop worrying about TCO and move to Linux already. 

  • Big Blue sky settles over Sun

    Forget about Windows, it's Unix that has the most to fear from a rising Linux market share. A partnership announced by Red Hat and IBM this week aims to convert Solaris users to Linux with a free assessment as the carrot on the stick. 

  • Face-off: SPARC/Solaris vs. Intel/Linux

    IT book authors Paul Murphy and Bernard Golden duke it out on the question of whether Solaris/SPARC systems deserve their reputation for being out-of-date and overpriced. 

  • IBM on OpenSolaris: Two's company, three's a crowd

    BOSTON -- Some of the biggest criticisms of Sun Microsystems' OpenSolaris project have come from IBM's vice president of worldwide Linux strategy, Scott Handy, who during an interview regarding the new IBM Chiphopper program said he did not expect... 

  • Rumble in the data center jungle: Linux vs. Unix

    Big Blue is shaping its entry-level server, the OpenPower 710, into a silver bullet aimed squarely at the steady incursion of x86 servers into the data center. Now the question is, how good is their aim? 

  • Linux, 9i RAC is ticket for StubHub

    Online ticket broker StubHub has put its faith -- and its bottom line -- on a new Oracle 9i RAC running Red Hat Enterprise Linux. 

  • Linux on mainframe fits for German SAP deployment

    A German manufacturer announced a large SAP deployment on Linux on an IBM mainframe, signaling more growth for the mainframe and another big win for Linux.