• SUSE has Sun Solaris in its sights with SP2

    SUSE shops are cautious after a long silence from the Novell post-Attachmate deal; experts say Linux has eclipsed Unix generally, but SUSE needs work.

  • A complete guide to Unix-to-Linux migration

    This comprehensive guide details everything involved in a Unix-to-Linux migration, from porting applications to training staff to manage a Linux environment.

  • Unix

    Unix (often spelled "UNIX," especially as an official trademark) is an operating system that originated at Bell Labs in 1969 as an interactive time-sharing system.

  • Training Unix staff to manage Linux environments

    In a migration from Unix to Linux, the staff need to be trained to manage the new Linux environment. Learn how the systems management of Linux differs from Unix and what your staff needs to know to...

Unix-to-Linux migration

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  • Should you dump Unix for Linux?

    The need for modernization and cost reduction, or a change in leadership, may mean migration away from your existing Unix platform. If your company is the type to scale horizontally and you're uncomfortable with big iron, you may want to consider Lin... 

  • Check out IBM POWER5, Linux and virtualization

    If you're not ready to give up Unix completely, consider using IBM's POWER5 architecture, which supports Linux and Unix. 

  • Migrating from Unix-Linux in 7 steps

    Make sure you've got all your bases covered with this checklist on the process of migrating from Unix to Linux. 

  • Unix shops ignore signs of market decline

    Unix shops stick with data center workhorse platform for support, performance and familiarity benefits. Meanwhile, midrange Unix feels the pinch from less expensive mainframes and increasingly robust scale-out options. 

  • Linux or Unix: Making the right decision

    If Windows no longer meets your needs, you may want to try a more scalable, reliable and higher performing environment. In this tip, an expert evaluates the merits and disadvantages of Linux and Unix. 

  • Sending email from Unix to Lotus Notes

    Unix-Linux expert Ken Milberg gives the correct command for sending an email attachment from Unix to Lotus Notes. 

  • More Unix to Linux porting advice

    Unix-Linux expert Ken Milberg hands out more migration tips. 

  • Preserving app functions when porting to Linux

    Unix-Linux expert Ken Milberg explains that you can't preserve much when porting apps with platform-specific functions. 

  • Porting criteria: Migrating apps from Unix to Linux

    Don't skimp on testing or creating a sandbox environment to play in when porting your Unix apps to Linux. This is only one piece of advice an expert gives in his Unix porting guide. 

  • Porting apps from 32- to 64-bit apps

    Unix-Linux expert Ken Milberg offers some pointers for moving apps on 32-bit servers to 64-bit servers.