Ubuntu Server

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  • Setting up Ubuntu Server 11.04 for iSCSI storage

    Learn how Ubuntu Server 11.04 can be set up as an iSCSI storage server using simple Linux command line operations. 

  • Upgrade decision: Ubuntu Server 11.04

    Upgrading to Ubuntu Server 11.04 may not be necessary, as you may want to wait for the April 2012 release of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Learn about why to upgrade now, and how to do it. 

  • Red Hat vs. Ubuntu KVM virtualization: Which is best?

    Red Hat and Ubuntu KVM technologies share similar architecture, but the management features available for Red Hat KVM sets the distribution apart. 

  • Enterprise Ubuntu Linux server monitoring and management made easy with Landscape 1.5

    Canonical's Landscape 1.5 released with Ubuntu 10.04 features group server management and automated alerts to ease the regular tasks of a Linux admin. The paid service provides these additional management tasks beyond regular management and monitorin... 

  • Provisioning and hardening Ubuntu 9.10 for PCI DSS

    Learn how to secure your Ubuntu 9.10 Linux servers in compliance with the Payment Card Industry's Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Start with how to meet the minimal services requirement on a new install and move on to identifying existing services ... 

  • Installing Ubuntu 9.10 and the Eucalyptus enterprise cloud computing platform

    Learn how to install Ubuntu 9.10 server edition with Eucalyptus enterprise cloud and set it up to manage applications on AWS or other infrastructure services. Features of the Ubuntu store, including available operating system images and the use of th... 

  • Linux vendor offerings for cloud computing

    Find out what the major Linux vendors are offering for cloud computing, and how the Linux distributions' cloud computing tools compare to one another. From Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud to Red Hat's RHEV and deltacloud projects and Novell's cloud security ... 

  • Recovering a lost administration password on Ubuntu Server

    How do I recover my admin password or account on Ubuntu Server? If you are asking this question, this tip will help you create an admin account with access to sudo on Ubuntu Server. 

  • Learn all about Ubuntu in "The Official Ubutu Server Book"

    The Official Ubunti Server Book teaches readers everything they need to know about the Ubuntu server operating system whether they are beginners or experienced users. The book details everything from installation, navigation, package management, virt... 

  • Setting up cloud computing with Eucalyptus

    Cloud computing provides on demand provisioning of compute resources. Learn how to set up Eucalyptus on Ubuntu to perform your own cloud computing operations. Eucalyptus is available in source code, and packages are available for CentOS 5.3, OpenSUSE...