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  • Ubuntu remote backup

    This expert's insights will help you make a decision whether to use Ubuntu remote backup. 

  • Installing Ubuntu from a USB drive

    An Ubuntu expert describes why Windows XP Pro would refuse to recognize Ubuntu from a USB drive. 

  • Installing xrdp on Dap desktop 6.06 or Fiesty Desktop 7.04

    An Ubuntu expert recommends a link to a thread on how to install xrdp on either the Dap desktop 6.06 or Fiesty Desktop 7.04. 

  • Compiling OpenSSH on Feisty Fawn

    An Ubuntu expert describes where in the process of compiling OpenSSH on Feisty Fawn a reader missed a step. 

  • RHEL 5's KVM vs. Feisty Fawn's KVM

    A user asks what the difference is between Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5's (RHEL 5) kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) and Ubuntu Feisty Fawn's KVM. 

  • Red Hat, Canonical and marketplace presence

    Find out why one open source software and applications expert doesn't think that Red Hat's and Canonical's refusals to partner with Microsoft will hurt them. 

  • Mounting external drives on Dapper Drake

    An Ubuntu expert describes two possible solutions, one with a command line solution, to a user's issue with mounting external drives onto Ubuntu 6.06 LTS. 

  • Red Hat's business model

    An open source software and applications expert says that Red Hat has nothing to fear from free Linux distros; reliability and certainty are the cornerstones of its commercial support. 

  • Ubuntu licensing

    An open source issues and applications expert describes Ubuntu licensing. 

  • Using Ubuntu Linux with WINE

    An expert describes how to map Ubuntu Linux serial ports to the serial ports of a Windows application running in WINE.