Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server

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  • Using kickstart and understanding packages for RHEL 5.4 hardening

    While wholesale installation of Red Hat is the easiest method, it is not the safest for an enterprise Linux server use. Using kickstart and understanding packages in RHEL 5.4 can save a Linux admin a lot of time later dealing with patches and will pr... 

  • Linux vendor offerings for cloud computing

    Find out what the major Linux vendors are offering for cloud computing, and how the Linux distributions' cloud computing tools compare to one another. From Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud to Red Hat's RHEV and deltacloud projects and Novell's cloud security ... 

  • An open source security language: What is OVAL?

    OVAL is a standardized security langauge that will help IT security professionals determine security vulnerabilities in a consistent manner across systems. With a unified language, a definition can be written by the maintainers and by using an assesm... 

  • Novell vs. Red Hat: How their Linux strategies affect your data center

    The leading data center Linux distributions -- Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux -- are similar, and choosing the right Linux distribution can depend more on the provider's business direction. 

  • Configuring YUM on Linux

    YUM is a package manager for RPM systems, it is made to update groups of machines without having to update each specific RPM. Learn how to configure it using yum.conf and get some basic commands. Yum allows use of a single command to update all syste... 

  • When to use SELinux: An introduction to security-enhanced Linux

    Confused about security-enhanced Linux (SELinux)? Find out what it is and how and where to implement this Linux security system. Ken Milberg explains its origins and provides some good advice for implementing the system in your Linux distribution inc... 

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 performance tuning: Monitoring and maximizing your system

    Contributor Ken Milberg explains how to optimize Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 to yield great results without jeopardizing your system. 

  • Setting up SSH2 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    Find out how to set up SSH2 (Secure Shell) on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), using encryption keys instead of passwords in this tutorial. You can use this with either RHEL 4 or RHEL 5. 

  • Intrusion detection with Snort on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5

    Snort is a popular open source intrusion detection system (IDS). Learn how to install this security tool and configure it with MySQL on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. This is also applicable to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, CentOS 4 and 5 and Fedora Core ... 

  • Why software companies hesitate on Unbreakable Linux

    An open source issues and strategies expert tackles Oracle's Unbreakable Linux and explains just why software vendors are hesitant to certify Oracle's Linux.