Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server

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  • Red Hat and Microsoft finally partner on virtualization interoperability

    Red Hat and Microsoft announced a partnership for virtualization interoperbaility using x86 servers running RHEL 5.2 and 5.3 and on Windows Server 2000 SP 4, Windows 2003 SP 2 and Windows Server 2008. Red Hat becomes a Windows server virtualization v... 

  • Red Hat breaks $500 million in 2008

    Red Hat's president and CEO, Jim Whitehurst, quietly announced this week that the company had broken the $500 million mark in 2008, a first for an open source company. Should the company's success be taken as a sign of the maturation of open source, ... 

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 released

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 was released on January 20, with up-to-date security features and enhanced virtualization, OpenJDK, and Intel Nehalem processor support. RHEL 5 is more secure than RHEL 4, with the company issuing fewer advisories in vers... 

  • Enterprise Linux 2008: The year in review

    Linux made huge strides in maturity and ubiquity in 2008, as it delved further into virtualization, cloud computing and use in mission-critical environments. Our Enterprise Linux 2008 year in review notes some of the highlights of Linux growth this y... 

  • Red Hat spawns new Unix killer: Extended Update Support

    Linux is at technical parity with Unix, Red Hat claims. But is the new Extended Update Support offering for Red Hat Enterprise Linux ust another nail in the Unix coffin? 

  • Euronext nears debut of Red Hat-based global trading platform

    Undeterred by financial crisis and stock market losses around the globe, NYSE Euronext nears the European debut of its Red Hat Linux-based trading platform. 

  • Red Hat offers Linux-wary Unix shops long-term support in Japan

    Hoping to spur Unix-to Linux migrations, Red Hat has partnered with Fujitsu in Japan to offer long-term support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. 

  • Red Hat customers unswayed by Novell's pitch to switch

    A Novell promotion promises to minimize the cost of switching to SUSE for Red Hat customers, but the economy and the effort involved in migrating remain obstacles. 

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 beta boosts virtualization capabilities

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 has been released in beta, and it offers improved virtualization, cluster file system and hardware integration. 

  • American Idol vs. Britney: Why open source will prevail, Red Hat says

    During a global tour pitching Red Hat, CEO and supersalesman Jim Whitehurst compared the open source development model to American Idol, the TV show that propelled country singer Carrie Underwood to instant fame, and the proprietary software model of...