Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server

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  • Red Hat fixes vulnerabilities in four areas

    Red Hat has released patches for buffer overflow, remote code execution and denial-of-service vulnerabilities in several applications. 

  • Experts: Red Hat made 'smart business decision'

    Two Red Hat administration experts say that Red Hat's decision to drop support for Red Hat Linux in favor of Red Hat Enterprise Linux enables the firm to concentrate on winning the enterprise market. 

  • 'Shame to Red Hat,' says user, as public reacts to support changes

    Red Hat's recent decision to drop support for its Red Hat Linux line has angered many IT administrators. Some told they fear Red Hat is headed down a path adopted by Microsoft and proprietary Unix vendors. Many have abandone... 

  • A Linux enterprise with a view: On Red Hat, Novell and more

    The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) shares its thoughts on Red Hat's recent support announcement and the proposed Novell acquisition of SuSE. 

  • Red Hat sews Posix threading into new release

    Red Hat Inc.'s inclusion of a native Posix threading library in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 makes the platform a winner for Java and database admins. 

  • Quick Takes: SWsoft simplifies Red Hat management

    SWsoft Inc. announced support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1 in its Plesk 6 control panel software, leading off this edition of Quick Takes. Also included are items from Central Command, OpenLinux Software and SuSE Linux AG. 

  • Red Hat's Tiemann: Architectural vision must be 20/20

    WELLESLEY, Mass. -- Michael Tiemann is impossible to miss in a large crowd. Tall guy. Glasses. Red fedora. He's not necessarily an imposing figure, but Red Hat's chief technology officer casts a big shadow in the Linux community, where he's a respect... 

  • Red Hat's Tiemann: Build Linux into your system design

    Red Hat CTO Michael Tiemann talks about the importance of system and network architecture, and he explains how Linux and open-source enable cost savings and innovation. 

  • NPTL centerpiece of Red Hat Linux 9 release

    A Giga Information Group analyst points out that the inclusion of NPTL in the upcoming release of Red Hat Linux 9 parallels the inclusion of NPTL in the next Linux kernel. 

  • HP to support Red Hat enterprise line

    Hewlett-Packard and Red Hat announced an agreement where Hewlett-Packard will support Red Hat's high- and low-end enterprise servers and workstations on HP's Intel-based servers.