Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server

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  • RHEL and Windows: The future of data centers

    IT directors should be looking at either Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Windows, as the two operating systems are emerging as victors in the future of data centers. 

  • Fedora

    Fedora is a popular open source Linux-based operating system. 

  • Linux virtualization betas delivered by Red Hat and Microsoft

    Red Hat and MIcrosoft released new beta versions of virtualization hypervisors this week. Red Hat made version 2.2 of its Kernel-based VM-based RHEV available, and Microsoft debuted the beta of its Linux Integration Services for Hyper-V with Linux sy... 

  • Red Hat KVM key to IBM's cloud test and dev tool

    Red Hat's KVM virtualization underpins the new cloud software test and development service from IBM. This is just one of the recent Red Hat KVM wins, as the company tries to gain more virtualization market share. 

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux now supported by Microsoft's Hyper-V Linux Integration Components

    Microsoft's Hyper-V Linux Integration Components now support Red Hat Enterprise Linux in preparation for future market demand. 

  • The must-read Linux books of 2010

    These five future masterpieces cover the hot Linux topics of 2010, from advancements in Linux kernel developments to working with Ubuntu and Eucalyptus in the cloud. 

  • Scheduling system tasks in Fedora 11 and RHEL

    Solutions providers can learn how to schedule system tasks at specific times in Fedora 11 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) by learning to use the at, batch, and cron facilities. 

  • Using kickstart and understanding packages for RHEL 5.4 hardening

    While wholesale installation of Red Hat is the easiest method, it is not the safest for an enterprise Linux server use. Using kickstart and understanding packages in RHEL 5.4 can save a Linux admin a lot of time later dealing with patches and will pr... 

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux tuning tips help boost performance

    An advantage of Linux is performance tuning. A duo of Red Hat engineers put on workshops to train Linux admins on tuning methods for their servers. Some tools used by Linux admins can give them enough performance boost to delay purchase of additional... 

  • Linux vendor offerings for cloud computing

    Find out what the major Linux vendors are offering for cloud computing, and how the Linux distributions' cloud computing tools compare to one another. From Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud to Red Hat's RHEV and deltacloud projects and Novell's cloud security ...