Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server

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  • Red Hat bolsters RHEL support with portal, automated data collection

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 includes a customer portal and an automated bug report and tracking (ABRT) tool, squelching some past complaints about Red Hat support. Red Hat collects data about problems that occur in real-time, and soon customers will a... 

  • Red Hat Summit 2011 on

    Open source virtualization and cloud computing were hot topics at the 2011 Red Hat Summit and JBoss World event, in Boston, Mass. 

  • Red Hat Summit 2011: Top five takeaways

    The top news from the Red Hat Summit in Boston include new cloud products, virtualization developments including a RHEV 3 preview, competition analysis of Oracle and VMware and some support feedback from attendees. 

  • Ubuntu 11.04 is here

    Canonical released Natty Narwhal with features that could improve cloud functionality, Puppet Labs debuted its Faces API feature, and more Linux news. 

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux tools digest

    Many tools can help system administrators use Red Hat Enterprise Linux in their data centers and virtual machines securely with maximum performance. Learn which tools are available and how to use them in your RHEL environment. 

  • SELinux tutorial: Configuring RHEL 5 and Web servers

    Configuring SELinux on RHEL 5 is easy using the GUI options. Learn how to set up SELinux using simple menu options and Boolean conditions in this tutorial. Also see how easy it is to secure Web servers such as Apache using SELinux. 

  • RHEL 6 ditches System V init for Upstart: What Linux admins need to know

    System V init is fading to a memory in Linux boot systems as the new Linux disdribution releases, such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, switch to using Upstart. Learn what is different with this boot service and how to work with it to get your Linux bo... 

  • Red Hat faithful rush to check out RHEL 6

    RHEL users cite new virtualization toolset, EXT4 file system as biggest draws. 

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux security mechanisms: SELinux, iptables and more

    When setting up Red Hat Enterprise Linux on your data center servers, you need to make security decisions. Learn about security options for RHEL including SELinux, iptables firewall, TCP Wrapper and application security use considerations. 

  • Is Red Hat Linux out of date? Oracle thinks so

    Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said Red Hat Linux is out of date, and announced a new non-compatible Linux distro. Linux experts disagree with Oracle's claims.