Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server

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  • Red Hat Summit 2011 on

    Open source virtualization and cloud computing were hot topics at the 2011 Red Hat Summit and JBoss World event, in Boston, Mass. 

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux tools digest

    Many tools can help system administrators use Red Hat Enterprise Linux in their data centers and virtual machines securely with maximum performance. Learn which tools are available and how to use them in your RHEL environment. 

  • Red Hat Summit 2010 on

    The Red Hat Summit 2010 took place in Boston, Mass. and the staff were on site to cover news from the event. Virtualization and cloud were hot topics on day one. 

  • The must-read Linux books of 2010

    These five future masterpieces cover the hot Linux topics of 2010, from advancements in Linux kernel developments to working with Ubuntu and Eucalyptus in the cloud. 

  • Scheduling system tasks in Fedora 11 and RHEL

    Solutions providers can learn how to schedule system tasks at specific times in Fedora 11 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) by learning to use the at, batch, and cron facilities. 

  • Red Hat Summit 2009 on

    Check out the all the news from Red Hat Summit 2009, including our news articles, blog posts, video and more. 

  • LinuxWorld 2008 conference coverage

    This year's LinuxWorld Conference & Expo and Next Generation Data Center conference take place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco Aug. 4-7. Check out our news, product announcements and video from the show floor. 

  • Red Hat Summit 2008 conference coverage

    This year's Red Hat 2008 Summit took place in Boston June 18-20 and boasted more than 100 sessions and featured more than 1,200 attendees. Check out's nonstop coverage of news, sessions and product announcements. 

  • Linux distributions: Servers and desktops

    Trying to decide what flavor of Linux you want on the desktop or server side? This fast guide provides a whirlwind tour of the top Linux distributions. 

  • Red Hat and SUSE Linux how-tos

    Here are tips, tricks, expert advice and information for installation, administration and configuration of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux distributions. 

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  • Installing Nagios on Linux and unravelling software code names

    A reader new to Linux wonders about which distribution is recommended for installing Nagios and what Nahant and Tikanga mean. 

  • Systems monitoring and tuning tools for RHEL 5

    Documentation for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 covering checking system performance, tuning, kernel configuration and extending the file system exists in a variety of places. Expert Ken Milberg gives pointers for where to look and shares some of his fa... 

  • RHEL 5's KVM vs. Feisty Fawn's KVM

    A user asks what the difference is between Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5's (RHEL 5) kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) and Ubuntu Feisty Fawn's KVM. 

  • Red Hat, Canonical and marketplace presence

    Find out why one open source software and applications expert doesn't think that Red Hat's and Canonical's refusals to partner with Microsoft will hurt them. 

  • Red Hat's business model

    An open source software and applications expert says that Red Hat has nothing to fear from free Linux distros; reliability and certainty are the cornerstones of its commercial support. 

  • ipcrm in RHEL 4

    An expert describes several possible solutions for ipcrm's continued existence on RHEL 4 even after is has been dest (destroyed). 

  • Red Hat and proprietary code

    An open source software and applications expert explains where Red Hat's code falls in the scheme of open source versus proprietary. 

  • CentOS, RHEL vs. Oracle on Linux

    An open source software and applications expert explains the difference between CentOS, RHEL and Unbreakable Linux. 

  • RHEL 5 or Vista?

    An expert talks about the pros and cons of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 for a user torn between using Linux and upgrading to Vista. 

  • Using MySQL 5.0 with Red Hat 8.0

    A MySQL expert offers documentation for using MySQL 5.0 with Red Hat 8.0. 

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  • Fedora

    Fedora is a popular open source Linux-based operating system. 

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is a distribution of the Linux operating system developed for the business market... (Continued) 

About Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server

In the open source market, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server is the most popular Linux distribution and is used for high-performance computing and grid computing, mainframe computing and more with key features such as Kernel-based Virtual Machine (or KVM) virtualization and EnterpriseDB. In this section on RHEL, we cover all aspects of Red Hat Linux, including Red Hat Linux architecture, Red Hat Linux management, Red Hat Linux system administration, RHEL installation, Red Hat Linux patch management, RHEL upgrades, RHEL migration as well as Red Hat features such as virt-manager, libvirt and virsh management tools and KVM virtualization. And while Linux distributions such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux are designed to save companies money on licensing costs, they require Linux expertise and RHEL support is a factor, to say the least. In this section, we cover all aspects of Linux distros, such as installing, using and managing Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux security concerns, and comparing RHEL with other open source software providers to help you determine whether this Linux distro is right for you. Get news, tips and advice on the installing Red Hat Linux, Red Hat Linux system administration, RHEL management, and general troubleshooting of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server.