• MongoDB and Red Hat now a package deal

    News in brief: Red Hat partners with 10gen to provide MongoDB NoSQL database. Kubuntu gains new sponsor. Samba patch plugs security hole.

  • OSCON 2011 on SearchEnterpriseLinux.com

    SearchEnterpriseLinux's coverage of the 2011 O'Reilly Open Source Convention, set to run July 25-29 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon.

  • Improving security in open source Web applications

    Hackers thrive on exploiting open source Web application source code. But these tactics can protect your corporate applications from common security vulnerabilities and breaches.

  • Installing and setting up OpenERP 6.0

    OpenERP 6.0 provides open source enterprise resource planning software alternative to Oracle and SAP, perfect for businesses dealing with tightening IT budgets. Learn how to install and modify the ...

Open source databases

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  • MySQL upgrades with enterprise features

    Version 5 of open source database MySQL was released this week with a few enterprise-grade features, including stored procedures. A Forrester Research analyst points out, however, that these features have been available in other open source databases... 

  • Software experts find MySQL code exceptionally clean

    Reasoning Inc. compared the source code of open source database MySQL with that of proprietary database software and found it to be six times cleaner. 

  • MySQL surprises with enterprise projects and MaxDB

    MySQL isn't just an inexpensive data store any more. It's gone mission-critical, says CEO Marten Mickos, who adds that his company is capable of servicing and supporting an enterprise's database needs and still fit neatly alongside Oracle and other b... 

  • Exec on Linux: 'The database is clearly happening now'

    Proper planning and rehearsal is vital to avoiding a Unix-to-Linux or Windows-to-Linux migration meltdown. 

  • Quick Takes: Correlation engine goes open source

    Security firm Qualys Inc. announced that it has released Quidscor correlation engine as open source, leading off this week's edition of Quick Takes. 

  • MySQL appliance for Linux arrives

    Pogo Linux and MySQL have partnered on the first MySQL appliance optimized for Linux. Analysts are high on MySQL, but are hesitant on the uptake of appliances in most enterprises. 

  • Quick Takes: Tool connects databases to remote Linux devices

    Pervasive.SQL has developed a tool that connects databases to remote Linux devices, leading off this edition of Quick Takes.