• MongoDB and Red Hat now a package deal

    News in brief: Red Hat partners with 10gen to provide MongoDB NoSQL database. Kubuntu gains new sponsor. Samba patch plugs security hole.

  • OSCON 2011 on SearchEnterpriseLinux.com

    SearchEnterpriseLinux's coverage of the 2011 O'Reilly Open Source Convention, set to run July 25-29 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon.

  • Improving security in open source Web applications

    Hackers thrive on exploiting open source Web application source code. But these tactics can protect your corporate applications from common security vulnerabilities and breaches.

  • Installing and setting up OpenERP 6.0

    OpenERP 6.0 provides open source enterprise resource planning software alternative to Oracle and SAP, perfect for businesses dealing with tightening IT budgets. Learn how to install and modify the ...

Open source databases

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  • Web tools lead unorthodox charge in Linux migration

    John Horn, the CEO of Independence, Mo.-based Interstate Software, talked with SearchEnterpriseLinux.com about how certain Web development tools that run on Windows could be part of an unorthodox step for companies that are interested in the idea ... 

  • User gets 'staggering' results from CA's open source database

    A U.K. firm reaped "staggering" rewards by moving to Computer Associates' open source database, squeezing as much as 3.5 times the performance out of its preexisting applications. 

  • SQL Server DBAs indifferent to open source threat

    SQL Server DBAs are unfazed by increased competition from open source. When companies choose a DBMS, cost comes second to features and support --- two areas where some DBAs say open source is deficient. 

  • SuSE, MySQL bring navigation revolution to cancer support site

    Two open source firms are helping users navigate a cancer support Web site, a boost that its Webmaster believes could cure the design chaos that plagues the Web. 

  • Why open source and MySQL are winning corporate hearts

    Corporate IT shops today don't have money to burn, says Zack Urlocker, a MySQL AB executive. So, figuratively speaking, why should they buy a Hummer when a hatchback will do the job? Sure, he says, the MySQL open source database doesn't have all the... 

  • Open source making its mark

    Open source databases are beginning to put pressure on Oracle, Microsoft and IBM, according to a Forrester Research report. 

  • LinuxWorld roundup: MySQL supports IBM Power line

    MySQL announced this week at LinuxWorld that it has built a version of its open source database for the IBM Power processor line. Also included are announcements from Computer Associates and IBM. 

  • Customers follow Oracle's Linux example

    "Unbreakable Linux" has proven to be more than a marketing campaign for Oracle Corp. Linux is the foundation for everything the database giant sends out its Redwood Shores, Calif., doors and that's something the company wants enterprises to know. Ora... 

  • Open source databases climb corporate ladder

    Enterprise-class functionality is making open source databases palatable to companies. 

  • Linux beats NAS in 11 TB storage migration, part 2

    The die was cast, and the IT team at Peoria, Ill.-based media company Dynamic Graphics Group had pledged its troth and money to a Linux cluster. Would Linux deliver the goods -- and the ROI? In part two of this migration story, Dynamic Graphics' IT d...