• MongoDB and Red Hat now a package deal

    News in brief: Red Hat partners with 10gen to provide MongoDB NoSQL database. Kubuntu gains new sponsor. Samba patch plugs security hole.

  • OSCON 2011 on SearchEnterpriseLinux.com

    SearchEnterpriseLinux's coverage of the 2011 O'Reilly Open Source Convention, set to run July 25-29 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon.

  • Improving security in open source Web applications

    Hackers thrive on exploiting open source Web application source code. But these tactics can protect your corporate applications from common security vulnerabilities and breaches.

  • Installing and setting up OpenERP 6.0

    OpenERP 6.0 provides open source enterprise resource planning software alternative to Oracle and SAP, perfect for businesses dealing with tightening IT budgets. Learn how to install and modify the ...

Open source databases

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  • ACID-compliant MySQL

    A MySQL expert talks about the significance of ACID-compliant transactions and names two MySQL databases that use them. 

  • Mission-critical with MySQL

    An expert says that MySQL is indeed capable of replacing Oracle for running mission-critical applications. 

  • MySQL full outer join workaround

    A MySQL expert offers a workaround for the lack of syntax support for full outer joins. 

  • Using MySQL 5.0 with Red Hat 8.0

    A MySQL expert offers documentation for using MySQL 5.0 with Red Hat 8.0. 

  • Connecting to PostgreSQL with ASP

    An expert describes several tools to use for connecting to PostgreSQL with ASP. 

  • Porting MySQL tables to Sybase

    A MySQL expert explains possible problems when porting tables from MySQL to Sybase ASE. 

  • Buffer pools in MySQL

    A MySQL expert explains buffer pools and gives configuration advice. 

  • Combining two fields

    A MySQL expert explains how to combine the text and number fields to create a third field. 

  • OpenOffice 2.0 Toolbox

    This is your guide to getting started with free, open source office suite OpenOffice 2.0. Begin your move away from Microsoft Office today. The two apps aren't as different as you would think. 

  • LinuxWorld: Managing mixed source software stacks

    Get a Linux architect's opinion of Vista and four tips on managing a data center's mix of open and closed source software stacks in this report on Russell Pavlicek's LinuxWorld workshop.