Open source Web and application servers

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  • minicom

    Minicom (usually written with an initial lowercase m) is a text-based, serial communications program designed for Linux and distributed under the Free Software Foundation GNU Public License. It works with the Lynx browser and has script capability. 

  • shared source

    Shared source is a software licensing concept that is more open than the proprietary approach to licensing but more restricted than the open source model. 

  • Can I replicate an AD server to a Linux Samba server?

    Is there any way to replicate an AD server to a Linux Samba server? Basically is it possible to set up a Samba server as a BDC within a Windows 2003 AD environment? 

  • Is the time right for open source BI?

    While both commercial BI vendors and the open source community are preaching the merits of open source BI, analysts say that it remains in an early adopter stage. 

  • Special Report: Open source means business

    It was business as usual for reporters at the Open Source Business Conference. For those that missed the show, we've got you covered. 

  • The art of the open source deal

    Getting the best deal from open source vendors means knowing what questions to ask and how much leverage you have. 

  • POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface)

    POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface) is a set of standard operating system interfaces based on the Unix operating system. 

  • Golden's Rules: Get server control, virtualization with free, open source Xen

    Expert Bernard Golden explains virtualization with Xen. 

  • Apache fixes pair of Web server flaws

    Update: The vulnerabilities, fixed in newer versions of HTTP Server, could affect nearly seven out of 10 Web sites on the Internet. However, an analyst suggests they are likely low-risk. 

  • bash (Bourne Again Shell)

    Bash (Bourne Again Shell ) is the free version of the Bourne shell distributed with Linux and GNU operating systems.