Open source Web and application servers

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  • GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

    GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a freely available open source application for creating and manipulating graphic images that runs on Linux, other Unix-based operating systems, and also on Windows and Mac OS X. GIMP is distributed under licen... 

  • GNOME (GNU Network Object Model Environment)

    GNOME (GNU Network Object Model Environment, pronounced gah-NOHM) is a graphical user interface (GUI) and set of computer desktop applications for users of the Linux computer operating system. 

  • Linspire (Lindows)

    Linspire, formerly known as Lindows, is a low-cost commercial Linux-based operating system with a user interface similar to the latest Microsoft Windows operating system. 

  • Kickstart Fedora workstations and servers

    Reduce the time and effort spent on server reconstruction with a Fedora kickstart. This bootable media will help you rebuild your system when your servers are damaged, destroyed or down for the count. 

  • U.S. Census reins in data center sprawl

    The U.S. Census Bureau and an Alexandria, Va.-based project management firm gutted an extremely complex data center and got on board with blade servers. 

  • RPM Package Manager (Red-hat Package Manager)

    RPM Package Manager (also known simply as RPM), originally called the Red-hat Package Manager, is a program for installing, uninstalling, and managing software packages in Linux. RPM was developed on the basis of the Linux Standard Base (LSB). In lat... 

  • At university, GroupWise on Linux beats out Exchange

    When Golden Gate University's e-mail/collaboration software needed an update, Exchange was on the eval list. In this story, GGU's IT team explains why Exchange wasn't chosen and the university is pursuing an aggressive new Linux and open source strat... 

  • Choosing between MySQL 4.0 and MySQL 5.0 for client server app development

    MySQL expert Mike Hillyer explains why sometimes IT shops should be aggressive with newer versions of MySQL. 

  • OpenOffice expert's review: On-the-go docs with AjaxWrite

    An office suite expert explores the word-processing capabilities of a free, web-based app, AjaxWrite, by writing an article with it. 

  • LinuxWorld: Maintaining the impact of open source applications

    At LinuxWorld, interviewed Maria Winslow, open source practice leader for Virtuas, to talk about her views on emerging open source technologies.