Open source Web and application servers

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  • open source software (OSS)

    Open source software (OSS) refers to software that is developed, tested, or improved through public collaboration and distributed with the idea that code must be shared with others 

  • Sun exec explains open source Java

    The day has finally come for open source Java, as Sun announced the popular programming language would be freely distributed under the GPL. One Sun exec spoke with about what, exactly, this all means for IT. 

  • Samba team letter to Novell -- please reconsider

    In an open letter to Novell, members of the Samba team stated they "disapprove strongly" of its actions regarding a newly forged partnership with Microsoft. Will Novell listen? 

  • Upgrading to Ajax apps increases productivity

    Find out why internal apps are ripe for replacement with Ajax-based apps, what common mistakes users make when debugging apps and where you can find helpful toolkits for simplifying Ajax development. 

  • Ajax everywhere: Which framework to choose?

    Writing and debugging Ajax, a JavaScript- and XML-driven development technique, can be difficult. In this tip, an expert introduces several frameworks like Prototype and Scriptaculous, to ease programming issues. 

  • Preserving app functions when porting to Linux

    Unix-Linux expert Ken Milberg explains that you can't preserve much when porting apps with platform-specific functions. 

  • Now shipping: Red Hat-JBoss application stack

    Existing Red Hat customers can now reap the benefits of having JBoss middleware in their application stack. But IT managers who have already deployed custom open source apps will need to weigh JBoss' pros and cons before making a change. 

  • Replication or symbolic links for databases

    MySQL expert Scott Noyes offers explanations for replication or symbolic links for databases as two solutions to connect databases. 

  • Upgrade issues in MySQL 5.0

    MySQL expert Scott Noyes describes several possible upgrade issues that may be preventing MySQL 5.0 from working properly. 

  • Chapter 8, Some Pattern Principles, of 'PHP 5 Objects, Patterns and Practice'

    Chapter 8, Some Pattern Principles, covers four basic topics: decoupling, composition, pattern categories and the power of the interface.