Open source Web and application servers

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  • Red Hat open source innovation reactions abound from the Twitterati

    It was all about openness at the Red Hat Summit 2014. From OpenShift to OpenStack to open source innovations, Red Hat was buzzing about the cloud. 

  • IT pros suffer OpenLDAP configuration headaches

    Between the frustrations of installing OpenLDAP and annoyances with configuration problems, some IT pros are questioning its merit. 

  • Apache Web Server guide

    In this guide, we’ll present a collection of tips that can help administrators setup and configure an Apache Web Server on Enterprise Linux, and offer advice on how to use other open source tools to monitor and improve Apache performance. 

  • OSCON 2011 on

    SearchEnterpriseLinux's coverage of the 2011 O'Reilly Open Source Convention, set to run July 25-29 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon. 

  • What do you know about Linux administration tools?

    How well do you know Linux tools? Test your understanding of tools for application servers, networking, scripting, Mozilla, security, management and administration, and desktops. 

  • Quick quiz: Samba server types, security modes

    So you think you have Samba figured out, eh? We challenge you to test your skills by taking our latest quiz! This quiz is based on Chapter 3 -- Server types and security modes -- of The Official Samba-3 HOWTO and Reference Guide

  • Apache Software Foundation (ASF)

    The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is a non-profit, decentralized corporation that oversees development of Apache software. The organization was founded in 1999 is based in Forest Hill, Maryland. 

  • Apache Solr

    Apache Solr is an open source search platform built upon a Java library called Lucene. 

  • Apache HTTP server project

    The Apache HTTP server project is a collaborative open source Web server development initiative. The project is spearheaded by the Apache Server Foundation. 

  • LILO (LInux LOader)

    LILO (LInux LOader) is a boot loader, also called a boot manager, which is a small program that facilitates a dual boot of a computer... 

  • cluster panic

    Cluster panic is a multiple-node kernel panic that occurs in a network or other set of interconnected computers called a cluster... (Continued) 

  • Flex

    Flex is an open source program designed to automatically and quickly generate scanners, also known as tokenizers, which recognize lexical patterns in text. Flex is an acronym that stands for fast lexical analyzer generator... (Continued) 

  • kernel panic

    A kernel panic is a computer error from which the operating system (OS) cannot quickly or easily recover. The term applies primarily to Unix-based systems and to Mac OS X... (Continued) 

  • Open Software Foundation (OSF)

    The Open Software Foundation (OSF) was a pioneer industry-sponsored organization whose purpose was to foster, identify, and, in some cases, develop software technologies that could serve as industry and perhaps eventually national and international s... 

  • open source software (OSS)

    Open source software (OSS) refers to software that is developed, tested, or improved through public collaboration and distributed with the idea that code must be shared with others 

  • kernel

    The kernel is the essential center of a computer operating system, the core that provides basic services for all other parts of the operating system. 

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About Open source Web and application servers

Get information on the most popular and efficient open source Web servers and application servers, including news, tips and how-tos on Samba Server, JBoss, Savant, IBM and Apache Web and application servers. This section covers such topics as Linux Samba configuration, installing JBoss application servers on Linux, configuring JBoss for Linux OSes, setting up Apache Web servers in Linux, configuring Apache Server for Linux, troubleshooting Apache Server performance tuning of Web and applications servers, Web server performance testing on Linux platforms, network performance and hosted application servers and more.