• Docker

    Docker is an open-source program that enables a Linux application and its dependencies to be packaged as a container.

  • kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM)

    Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) is a free, open source virtualization architecture for Linux distributions.

  • British ISP deploys open source virtualization

    JT Global is marching to the beat of its own drummer with open source software, including Ubuntu virtual machines, ConVirt virtualization management software, and a unique approach to VM clustering.

  • How to improve KVM performance by adjusting KSM

    KVM Virtualization on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 is optimized for hosting environments with many virtual machines by using kernel samepage merging. But, disabling KSM can provide better performance...

Linux virtualization

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  • Red Hat users eye Xen-to-KVM move

    Support for KVM server virtualization has grown, but users who make the move from KVM to Xen face a potentially complex migration process and political minefields in the data center. 

  • Red Hat users enveloped by cloud, virtualization

    Cloud computing, virtualization and new features in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, which hits beta 2 next week, were the hot topics at Red Hat Summit 2010. 

  • VMware virtual apps now on Novell SUSE Linux

    Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server will soon be home to all VMware virtual appliances due to a pact between VMware and Novell, giving SUSE an edge over other distros. 

  • Xen vs. KVM: The battle lines are drawn

    A debate is raging between Xen and KVM as the open source virtualization hypervisor of choice, but how long will Xen be able to hang on as the leaders in open source walk away? 

  • Linux community turning away from Xen virtualization

    Xen, the early favorite to win the open source virtualization crown, is passed over in favor of KVM at select hosting and cloud providers. Problems with Xen's lack of integration into the main Linux kernel hobbled the hypervisor, and KVM's integrated... 

  • Linux virtualization betas delivered by Red Hat and Microsoft

    Red Hat and MIcrosoft released new beta versions of virtualization hypervisors this week. Red Hat made version 2.2 of its Kernel-based VM-based RHEV available, and Microsoft debuted the beta of its Linux Integration Services for Hyper-V with Linux sy... 

  • Red Hat KVM key to IBM's cloud test and dev tool

    Red Hat's KVM virtualization underpins the new cloud software test and development service from IBM. This is just one of the recent Red Hat KVM wins, as the company tries to gain more virtualization market share. 

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux now supported by Microsoft's Hyper-V Linux Integration Components

    Microsoft's Hyper-V Linux Integration Components now support Red Hat Enterprise Linux in preparation for future market demand. 

  • Novell KVM hypervisor in the works

    Novell is following in the footsteps of Red Hat and developing a KVM hypervisor called AlacrityVM. 

  • VMware shops weigh ESX vs. ESXi

    Migrating from ESX to ESXi can be a hassle, but forward-looking users say there are clear management benefits from using the slimmed-down hypervisor.