Linux system security best practices

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  • SUSE security: Forgotten passwords, AppArmor

    A security expert describes how to harden your openSUSE 10.2 installation and talks about open source security tools. 

  • Filling in app security gaps

    Matt Fisher, senior security engineer for SPI Dynamics, discusses challenges IT managers face when dealing with application security and gives advice on how to reduce security risks. 

  • Fighting spam with qpsmtpd

    For Linux-based distributions there is qpsmtpd, a tool that provides email protection from spam. Learn how to install this Perl-based smtp daemon. 

  • Securing GRUB on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    Keep your Red Hat server safe from attackers by securing your GRUB boot loader with a password that will prevent unauthorized access to your hosts after a reboot. 

  • Firefox plug-ins: Download or tune out?

    There is no way to determine whether Firefox plug-ins are malicious or not. In spite of Mozilla's review process, users still download at their own risk. 

  • Defensive measures for evolving phishing tactics

    From image spam to cross-site scripting, hackers certainly have a large arsenal of weapons to choose from. But as AT&T recently learned, hackers are putting a new twist on ever-dependable phishing schemes to gain access to confidential and sensitive ... 

  • Nmap and the open source debate

    Nmap -- a mature, open source network mapping and exploration tool -- could win over companies resistant to open source software, says IT consultant Michael Cobb in this tip. 

  • Avoiding security blunders in Linux and IT infrastructures, part two

    Avoid common security errors made in IT infrastructure and maintenance. In part two, an expert describes mistakes resulting from the "set-it-and-forget-it" mentality. 

  • Avoiding security blunders in Linux and IT infrastructures

    Avoid common security errors made in IT infrastructure and maintenance. In this tip, an expert tackles unnecessary installations and explains the "hard-perimeter, soft-center" approach. 

  • Assessing criticality levels in the data center

    Not all downtime has the same impact on business performance. Facilities experts Jerry Burkhardt and Richard W. Dennis provide a model on how to assess the Criticality Levels of your data center.