Linux system security best practices

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  • When it comes to e-mail security, it's still 'sit, hope and pray'

    A growing number of technologies exist to help secure e-mail from viruses, spam and phishing, but ultimately it still boils down to one issue: the click-happy user. 

  • Taking the guesswork out of information security

    To gain a better handle on vulnerable networks, enterprises should base security decisions on data and not folklore. 

  • ISPs, others take on worms and DDoS attacks

    A new consortium will make it faster and easier to share detailed data during worm outbreaks and denial-of-service attacks. 

  • Network architect: Why Snort, Nessus, OSS build secure IT fortresses, part 1

    A network architect is not adverse to using proprietary systems but frankly, he wouldn't think of building network security and monitoring applications for businesses without using open source tools. 

  • Mandrake seeks higher Linux security certification

    A host of French developers, including Paris-based Mandrakesoft, has won a multimillion dollar contract to refine the OS to meet EAL5 security certification. 

  • Author dissects inclusion of IPsec in Linux 2.6 kernel

    The IPsec (Internet Protocol security) improvements in the Linux 2.6 kernel will take networking to a new level, said author and IT instructor Richard Petersen. In particular, IPsec removes third parties from virtual private network (VPN) creation, m... 

  • Red Hat road map leads to SE Linux

    Red Hat Inc.'s inclusion of Security-Enhanced Linux is expected to open new doors for Linux and the distributor. 

  • Security has its privileges

    Maybe an innocent bystander can be excused for not seeing and stopping a crime about to happen, but IT security administrators can't. They need to keep their eyes open, according to Gijo Mathew, a security strategist for Computer Associates Internati... 

  • Management central to securing Linux

    After performing more security assessments than he can count, Gijo Mathew has seen every worst practice imaginable. He's even seen an IT shop replace virus-violated data with an unpatched backup that succumbed to the same virus. A security strategist... 

  • How to be a 'security warrior,' part 2

    No soldier goes into battle without training. But once he's in the trenches, he sometimes has to rely on skills he didn't learn in boot camp. The same goes for today's security admins, many of whom are new to Linux or even security administration.