Linux system security best practices

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  • Policies and rules

    What are the differences between policies and rules? 

  • Use the right rules in your firewall

    How should an administrator determine what rules to set up in a particular firewall? 

  • Dos and don'ts: Ensuring apps security from the get-go

    Closing the gap between developers and users is the first step toward making sure applications are secure. 

  • Netfilter and iptables: Understanding how they harden Linux

    Linux firewalls are often more secure than Windows firewalls because of the way they're implemented, according to James Turnbull, author of Hardening Linux. In this tip, he breaks down major components of Linux firewalls -- Netfilter and iptab... 

  • Hardening Linux: Firewall implementation

    A poorly implemented firewall not only allows viruses to slip past your defenses -- it could lock you out of your host, according to James Turnbull, author of "Hardening Linux." Here, he explains how Linux firewalls differ from those used in Windows,... 

  • Can you use Samba as primary domain controller with Active Directory?

    My organization has decided to use Active Directory for authentication puposes. I've been asked to deploy AD in 80 different sites around the world. In about 35 sites, I have Linux servers used as file & print -- and authentication as well, since we ... 

  • Securing your SSHD and SSH connections

    A user hopes to lock out potential hackers after three login attempts. James Turnbull explains how to improve overall security through SSH and SSHD and recommends some best practices for security administration. 

  • Using Ethereal - Chapter 4 of Ethereal packet sniffing

    This chapter from includes information about how to get started with Ethereal, exploring the main window, other window components, exploring the menus and using command-line options. 

  • Introducing network analysis - Chapter 1 of Ethereal packet sniffing

    In the first chapter of Ethereal packet sniffing, the authors discuss what network analysis is, who uses it and how it works. They explain how to detect and protect against sniffers, and provide information about network analysis and policy. 

  • Foreword to Ethereal packet sniffing

    This excerpt is Jay Beale's introduction to Ethereal packet sniffing, part of his open source security book series. Here, he explains what Ethereal is and outlines the purpose behind his book.