Linux system security best practices

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  • IT Managers: PGP is easy

    Save yourself a security headache and adopt the easy to use, comprehensive e-mail encryption tool known as PGP. Learn just what it has to offer your IT shop. 

  • Open source security in government

    IT managers often fret about security when choosing between proprietary and open source solutions, but experts say not to worry. In many cases open source actually provides greater security. Writer Andrew Bardin Williams explains the benefits of open... 

  • Meditations on a virtually secure world

    Far too many people believe that virtualization is an easy way to handle security. Unfortunately, this belief often leads to security issues being ignored. The results of such ignorance can be very far from blissful. 

  • Patch work management: Keeping the pieces together

    In this tip, an IT pro debunks the myth that configuration errors are the source of many problems in patch management and tells how to get the most out of Red Hat support. 

  • Updating SuSE Linux clients from a local update server

    Find out how to gain greater IT security and manageability by connecting your SuSE clients to an enterprise SuSE YaST local update server. 

  • Restricting user access to home directories

    Security expert James Turnbull describes how to restrict user access to home directories through the use of the "chroot" command. 

  • Some old, some new: the seven deadly sins of Linux security revisits the topic of Linux security with a new and improved – but startlingly similar – version of the seven deadly sins of Linux security. 

  • Limiting access to single user accounts

    Expert James Turnbull explains how to limit multiple active sessions for a single user account on Red Hat 8.0. 

  • Mozilla issues Firefox mega-fix

    The digital underground could exploit as many as seven flaws to bypass security restrictions, compromise sensitive data and launch cross-site scripting attacks. 

  • Nessus Technical Guide

    Nessus Technical Guide