Linux server hardware

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  • Red Hat Linux centralizes Bryant University IT

    The Bryant University campus IT department was slow and inefficient behind a wall of multiple vendors and sluggish servers -- until Red Hat Linux came along. 

  • Sun exec: Galaxy to shape Sun's future, part 1

    Sun Microsystems is hoping that its newly announced line of x64 servers -- code-named Galaxy -- will help the company regain some of its former prominence. 

  • Sun exec: Galaxy to shape Sun's future, part 2

    The head of Sun Microsystems' new "Galaxy" server line talks about Sun's plans to improve the bottom line, how open source plays into that strategy, and cooperation with Microsoft. 

  • Power vs. speed -- AMD goes after Intel

    Earlier this year, AMD beat Intel to the market with its dual-core chip, which it claims has a better performance-per-watt ratio than Intel's planned dual-core. Now that AMD has shifted the battleground from processing speed to efficiency, will Intel... 

  • Golden's Rules: LinuxWorld's screaming hardware, palm-sized server, faux IT guys and .org ghetto

    Whew! LinuxWorld -- three days of raucous music, bright lights, and demos galore -- is over. I attended all three days and want to share the highlights -- and lowlights -- of the conference with you. 

  • LinuxWorld preview: Why management has been easier on Windows, Unix

    Levanta CEO Matt Mosman previews his firm's new Linux management appliance and explains why he thinks Linux has lagged behind the competition in the realm of server management. 

  • Hewlett-Packard snags Dell CIO

    Hewlett-Packard fuels its fiery contest with Dell by recruiting its CIO. Find out why HP has so much faith in Randy Mott. 

  • CyberSource faces uphill battle with not-so-thin clients

    A new thin client offering from CyberSource intends to blur the line between thin and fat Linux clients, but one analyst wonders if the market is ready for -- or interested in -- such technology. 

  • Cool Blue: How IBM beats the heat

    After three years of development, IBM released a water-based technology to help data centers win the war on heat. The verdict is still out on whether it will solve the issue. 

  • IBM looks to 'open' hardware

    Not content with just open software, IBM is setting its sites on open hardware with the help of