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  • Vyatta 10 gigabit open router throws down gauntlet for Cisco

    With its 10 gigabit open router, networking pioneer Vyatta has boosted router performance and created a price-competitive alternative to Cisco's offering. 

  • Centralizing IT on Linux mainframes

    Linux has revitalized the mainframe. Learn how today's mainframes are reducing TCO and TCU through consolidation, better performance and more. Expert Ken Milberg explains why big iron is back (again) and why deploying Linux is the "logical evolution"... 

  • Sun, MySQL users ponder blockbuster acquisition

    In Sun's purchase of MySQL, the goal to grab a piece of the database pie is clear. But what does the acquisition mean for existing users running on Linux and non-Sun hardware? 

  • HP Linux servers bolster NYSE trading app

    To support its Linux-based Hybrid Market application, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) bought a slew of servers. After weighing server options, NYSE settled on HP. 

  • Red Hat and SUSE Linux how-tos

    Here are tips, tricks, expert advice and information for installation, administration and configuration of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux distributions. 

  • Low-cost Linux revives IBM mainframe (again)

    IBM's low-cost Linux strategy strives to bring IBM's mainframe to large data centers, improving workload management along the way. But beware the migration caveats. 

  • Novell, AMD sync up on SUSE Linux power management

    With the release of its first Service Pack, Novell's SUSE Enterprise Linux Server 10 will take advantage of power management functionality in AMD's upcoming Opteron quad-core processor. 

  • Securing Fedora Core 5 against attackers

    A Linux security expert recommends several best practices for hardening your Fedora Core 5 proxy server. 

  • Linux x86 growth outpaced by Microsoft Windows

    The Linux server market has continued its robust quarter-over-quarter growth in the x86 market, but Microsoft -- yes, that Microsoft -- had bigger growth overall. 

  • Red Hat Summit, 2007

    Check out's Red Hat Summit 2007 coverage. We'll be live from the exhibit floor with breaking news, interviews and product announcements at this event.