Linux server hardware

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  • Telecoms call on IBM blades for ailing infrastructures

    In its ongoing effort to serve vertical markets, IBM is leveraging the flexibility of the blade server with that of a unit that's specifically fitted for the telecommunication industry. 

  • Python

    Python is an interpreted, object-oriented programming language similar to PERL, that has gained popularity because of its clear syntax and readability. 

  • cellspace

    According to writer David S. Bennahum, cellspace is the kind of cyberspace you experience when equipped with a cellular telephone that can be connected to the Internet. 

  • shell script

    A shell script is a text file that contains a sequence of commands for a UNIX-based operating system. 

  • Cutting out Windows and fat clients, part 2

    The IT staff at CT NeuroCare was able to cut costs and increase productivity by switching to a thin client and open computing model. This is their story. 

  • Blades cool hot, crowded data center

    Tier 1 suppliers aren't the only ones that can come up with highly efficient Linux clusters. Just ask the managment team at Silicon Valley's Magma Design Automation. 

  • En Garde! Blade servers cut through the clutter

    Blade servers may be able to make your data center really easy to manage. And that's not all. They can save you space, cabling, power and more. 

  • BladeRunner hunts the competition

    A new player arrived on the Linux blade server horizon this week as Linux-exclusive vendor Penguin Computing launched BladeRunner. More cluster than android, this server hopes to compete with the likes of Dell for a share of a booming Linux blade ser... 

  • IBM center gives partners a Linux playground

    The expansion of IBM Virtualization Innovation Center for Hardware includes a distinct Linux essence, allowing Big Blue's business partners to test the open source operating system on powerful technology like the Power5 in a virtual environment. 

  • Configuration key in IBM's Linux server pricing claims

    In an attempt to go for Sun's and Hewlett-Packard's x86 jugulars, IBM says its new OpenPower 720 Linux server is priced and performs better. But one skeptical analyst said what you see really all depends on what color glasses you're wearing.