Linux server hardware

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  • Sun exec: Galaxy to shape Sun's future, part 1

    Sun Microsystems is hoping that its newly announced line of x64 servers -- code-named Galaxy -- will help the company regain some of its former prominence. 

  • Power vs. speed -- AMD goes after Intel

    Earlier this year, AMD beat Intel to the market with its dual-core chip, which it claims has a better performance-per-watt ratio than Intel's planned dual-core. Now that AMD has shifted the battleground from processing speed to efficiency, will Intel... 

  • Pascal

    Pascal is a strongly-typed third-generation language (3GL) with a one-pass compiler. 

  • PICTIVE (Plastic Interface for Collaborative Technology Initiatives through Video Exploration)

    PICTIVE (Plastic Interface for Collaborative Technology Initiatives through Video Exploration) is a paper mock-up technique that allows users to participate in the development process. A PICTIVE is a representation of a graphical user interface (GUI... 

  • distribution

    In marketing, distribution is the process of moving a product from its manufacturing source to its customers. In computer software, distribution is the phase that follows packaging. 

  • Pango

    Pango is an open source project dedicated to creating a Unicode framework for rendering international text. The name Pango was created by combining the Greek prefix 'pan', meaning 'all,' with the Japanese word 'go,' meaning 'language.' 

  • Sybase

    Sybase is a computer software company that develops and sells database management system (DBMS) and middleware products. 

  • module

    A module is a separate unit of software or hardware. Typical characteristics of modular components include portability, which allows them to be used in a variety of systems, and interoperability, which allows them to function with the components of o... 

  • Nagios

    Nagios is an open source applcation that monitors a computer network for problems so that they can be fixed more quickly. 

  • Golden's Rules: LinuxWorld's screaming hardware, palm-sized server, faux IT guys and .org ghetto

    Whew! LinuxWorld -- three days of raucous music, bright lights, and demos galore -- is over. I attended all three days and want to share the highlights -- and lowlights -- of the conference with you.