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  • Intel launches dual-core Xeon processor

    The world's largest chip maker announced the release of its first dual-core processor Monday, which will feature hyper-threading and run at 2.8 GHz. 

  • Church volunteer quells IT chaos with Linux

    The Church of the Epiphany found IT salvation, with a little help from Linux and Samba. 

  • Red Hat Linux centralizes Bryant University IT

    The Bryant University campus IT department was slow and inefficient behind a wall of multiple vendors and sluggish servers -- until Red Hat Linux came along. 

  • demand-based switching (DBS)

    Demand-based switching (DBS) is a power-management technology developed by Intel in which the applied voltage and clock speed for a microprocessor are kept to the minimum necessary to allow optimum performance of required operations. 

  • free software

    Free software is software that can be freely used, modified, and redistributed with only one restriction: any redistributed version of the software must be distributed with the original terms of free use, modification, and distribution (known as copy... 

  • Bison

    Bison is a program that converts the formal description of a computer language grammar into a C language program that can parse the syntax and symbols of that grammar into instructions that the computer can execute. 

  • tar (Tape ARchive)

    Tar (for "Tape ARchive") is a UNIX shell command that creates a single file called an "archive" from a number of specified files or extracts the files from such an archive. 

  • Emacs

    Emacs (pronounced EE-maks and sometimes spelled "emacs" or "EMACS") is a popular text editor used mainly on Unix-based systems by programmers, scientists, engineers, students, and system administrators. 

  • ATA over Ethernet (AoE)

    ATA over Ethernet (AoE) is an open source network protocol designed to connect storage devices and servers in a storage area network (SAN). ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) is a standard interface for communication between storage devices; it is ... 

  • Sun exec: Galaxy to shape Sun's future, part 1

    Sun Microsystems is hoping that its newly announced line of x64 servers -- code-named Galaxy -- will help the company regain some of its former prominence.