Linux server hardware

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  • Planning your server environment

    In this excerpt from TechTarget's upcoming book, "Servers and Storage," two experts discuss the support necessary for applications and clients, as well as financial implications when choosing between Windows and Linux/Unix. 

  • Linux on 64-bit blades: Choosing the right servers and distributions

    Mix Linux and 64-bit blades well, and you'll get super performance, stability and flexibility, says consultant Patrick Green. Here, he offers tips on how to avoid compatibility mishaps. 

  • Porting criteria: Migrating apps from Unix to Linux

    Don't skimp on testing or creating a sandbox environment to play in when porting your Unix apps to Linux. This is only one piece of advice an expert gives in his Unix porting guide. 

  • When, why to consider Linux on 64-bit blades

    Linux-based, 64-bit blade servers offer a winning combination of power, space savings, security and cost savings over other server and proprietary operating system platforms. 

  • Porting apps from 32- to 64-bit apps

    Unix-Linux expert Ken Milberg offers some pointers for moving apps on 32-bit servers to 64-bit servers. 

  • Open source router on par with Cisco, users say

    To avoid paying top dollar for Cisco routers, two IT pros tried Vyatta's Open Flexible Router. Is it a viable alternative to the proprietary norm? Find out from these two savvy users' stories. 

  • Dell downplays blades

    Execs at Dell Technology Day in New York City said that blade servers weren't a good fit for many data centers, and that traditional rackmount systems may deliver better density 

  • Understanding logging, log monitoring in 'Hardening Linux'

    In Chapter 5, "Understanding Logging and Monitoring," Turnbull compares the syslog daemon to its more powerful and more secure successor, syslog-NG. He also shows readers the Simple Event Correlation tool for highlighting events in logs. 

  • Chapter 1, Secure installation and configuration, of 'Hardening Apache'

    Chapter 1, Secure Installation and Configuration, 'Hardening Apache' walks users through the basics of encryption and configuring Apache 1.3x and 2.x with Secure Sockets Layer. 

  • Linux on servers: News, tips and advice

    This collection of news, expert advice and user stories show how and why Linux plays well with blades, 64-bit servers and more heavy metal.