Linux security tools

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  • Using OpenSSH for secure network tunnels on Linux

    SSH is secure enough to be used across nonsecure private and public Internets. Learn the basics of SSH execution and how to implement and optimize SSH tunnels with Linux. SSH tunneling features allow remote traffic to be sent through the tunnel, expa... 

  • When to use SELinux: An introduction to security-enhanced Linux

    Confused about security-enhanced Linux (SELinux)? Find out what it is and how and where to implement this Linux security system. Ken Milberg explains its origins and provides some good advice for implementing the system in your Linux distribution inc... 

  • After delay, Fedora 10 finally available

    After being waylaid a month because of a security breach, Fedora 10 includes features for remote management of servers, storage in the cloud, energy saving and more. 

  • Linux open source firewall software options

    Ken Milberg overviews open source firewall software options for Linux that leverage netfilter/iptables. FireHol, Shorewall, Untangle, and FireStarter are examined. Ken advises carefully considering these options, demoing them, and determining which o... 

  • GroundWork adds network monitoring tools to systems management suite

    GroundWork's Network Management Suite now contains four network monitoring tools that are a fraction of the cost of proprietary offerings from the likes of HP and IBM Tivoli. 

  • SE-Postgres tightens SQL security

    In early 2009, the PostgreSQL group plans to implement a module called SE-Postgres in the database core. This module inherits security rules and contexts from the SELinux rule set of the host OS to control access to tables, individual rows of data an... 

  • Upcoming Fedora 10 release foreshadows Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

    Fedora 10 debuts next month, with features to simplify administration, improve power efficiency and refine access controls -- changes that will ultimately find their way into Red Hat Enterprise Linux. 

  • Novell heeds SUSE users' call for SELinux security option

    Novell SUSE will give users the option of using the SELinux security tool, but the company will continue to recommend its own simpler AppArmor tool. 

  • Automated tool at LinuxWorld reduces security risk

    A Trusted Computer Solutions security tool helps protect Linux servers from attack. The tool will be featured at the 2008 LinuxWorld show. 

  • LinuxWorld preview: IBM engineer touts SELinux

    SELinux has made strides in protecting systems from intrusion by unauthorized access but its lack of user-friendliness remains a weakness.