Linux security risks and threats

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  • E-mail privacy with PGP

    Using PGP and GPG for e-mail encryption, decryption and digital signatures can give you the keys to digital security and keep your IT shop safe from spoofing and hacking. 

  • IT Managers: PGP is easy

    Save yourself a security headache and adopt the easy to use, comprehensive e-mail encryption tool known as PGP. Learn just what it has to offer your IT shop. 

  • Fight spear phishing

    Spear phishing, a phishing technique directed at a single company, poses a greater security risk to enterprise administrators than regular phishing. Contributor Tony Bradley recommends taking steps to educate your users and to employ anti-phishing to... 

  • Sealing Red Hat security gaps with open source security tools

    Find out how Red Hat Linux users can blow up hackers and intruders with TripWire, Nessus and Snort. 

  • Restricting user access to home directories

    Security expert James Turnbull describes how to restrict user access to home directories through the use of the "chroot" command. 

  • Mozilla issues Firefox mega-fix

    The digital underground could exploit as many as seven flaws to bypass security restrictions, compromise sensitive data and launch cross-site scripting attacks. 

  • Application design, Ch. 6 of "PHP Hacks"

    This chapter describes how to use PHP from the command line to support wikis, create proper XML and modular interfaces, as well as turning any object into an array. 

  • Audio, Chapter 2 of "Linux Multimedia Hacks"

    Whether you just want a simple audio player, or the power to rip, burn and mix, this chapter explains audio programs and the hacks necessary for the audio extraction process. 

  • Fortifying Linux against common malware

    Find out how to fight malware by teaming a new capability in the Linux kernel with processor-based tools. 

  • Installing, configuring firewalls, packet filtering in RHEL4

    Unix-Linux migration and integration expert Ken Milberg explains how to install and configure a firewall on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.