Linux security risks and threats

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  • Red Hat hit by phishing scam

    Red Hat was forced to release a security warning for many of its Linux operating systems after an e-mail phishing scam was discovered that asked users to download a patch containing malicious code. Could this be the beginning of a string of attacks o... 

  • Security differences between Linux and Windows


  • Security woes old (worms) and new (phishing)

    Phishing may have IT security administrators worried, but it's the old threats that will pose the most dangerous security risks during the rest of 2004, said Anton Chuvakin, senior security analyst for netForensics, an Edison, N.J.-based security inf... 

  • Denial-of-service flaw fixed in Linux kernel

    Gentoo fixes a vulnerability in the Linux kernel 2.6 series that could be exploited for a remote denial-of-service attack. 

  • Security has its privileges

    Maybe an innocent bystander can be excused for not seeing and stopping a crime about to happen, but IT security administrators can't. They need to keep their eyes open, according to Gijo Mathew, a security strategist for Computer Associates Internati... 

  • Mainstream means more malicious code for Linux

    It's not FUD, it's fact: Linux is every bit as susceptible to malicious code as Windows. Experts say the only difference between the two as attack vectors is the greater prevalence of Windows in enterprise data centers and on desktops. F-Secure Corp.... 

  • As Linux becomes more popular, won't it be more susceptible to virus attacks?


  • How to be a 'security warrior,' part 1

    In computer warfare, security admins must go into battle riding on a strong vehicle and armed with effective tools, according to security expert Anton Chuvakin. Fortunately, the security warrior who's protecting Linux has both.

    Chuvakin's securit... 

  • Author: Hacking has its boundaries

    What evil lurks in the hearts of hackers? Joe Grand knows, and he believes that systems administrators should know, too. Those who can't think and act like a hacker are doomed to be outsmarted by one, says Grand, an author, electrical engineer and fo... 

  • Another security hole found in Linux kernel

    A second serious mremap vulnerability was discovered this week. New versions of the Linux kernel were released to address the problems.