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  • New OSDL CEO: Lab focusing more on Linux for data center

    Stuart Cohen has been a one-man road show promoting the Open Source Development Lab since taking over as chief executive officer less a month ago. Attracting more Global 2000 members is one of Cohen's top goals for the lab, a facility dedicated to pr... 

  • The Wrong Choice: Sometimes it's Linux, consultant says

    An IT consultant says Linux was the wrong choice for one of his clients, one who ended up getting done in by a remote programmer with too big a fingerprint on a custom application. 

  • Sun preaches open standards key to connected enterprises

    Sun evangelist Simon Phipps said open standards will foster the growth of the Internet in today's connected world. 

  • Oracle executive: Linux is not a homemade television

    Oracle Vice President Dave Dargo told the Linux on Wall Street Conference that Linux must be treated as an enterprise-class product, and not a tinker toy. 

  • The Wrong Choice: Firms balk, considering Linux too 'bleeding edge'

    Two large companies consider Linux for important enterprise applications but, in the end, go with other platforms. 

  • Exec says Sun is a Linux believer

    The perception that Sun Microsystems Inc. is a reluctant supporter of Linux is just plain wrong, according to Jack O'Brien, Sun's group manager for Linux strategy and marketing. Sun's Linux operating system for Intel x86 servers is an integral part o... 

  • Quick Takes: Linux protects, serves in Louisiana

    A combination of Red Hat Linux and Oracle 9i database and RAC running on Dell servers is archiving court records and distributing them in real time in Louisiana. 

  • A call to action: Linux needs innovation now

    Product innovation and channel partnerships are being given short shrift by Linux distributors and vendors, says Samba Team co-founder John H. Terpstra. In his analysis of the rise of Linux popularity, Terpstra spotlights opportunities missed by Linu... 

  • Linux vs. Windows TCO: Complex issues, no easy answers

    Figuring out the total cost of ownership (TCO) for Linux versus Windows for any given application is not a simple matter. 

  • SCO suit could set nasty precedents for Linux

    Should SCO Group manage to win its billion-dollar claim against IBM, or if IBM settles with SCO, other open-source developers could emerge looking for compensation for their contributions to Linux and other open-source projects.