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  • Torvalds talks 2.6.0 and SCO

    A guilt-free Linus Torvalds is working on the Linux 2.6 kernal full time -- overtime, actually -- now that he's the Open Source Development Lab's first Fellow. Free of his Transmeta obligations, he's been able to push development forward. In this e-m... 

  • Kernel maintainer offers insight into 2.6

    Linux author Linus Torvalds and lead kernel maintainer Andrew Morton have joined the Open Source Development Lab, accelerating the lab's goal of being the leading Linux advocate. 

  • IBM pushes game as learning tool for Linux admins

    Taking its cue from purveyors of educational games for children, IBM Corp. is making games for IT pros. More than 215,000 copies of IBM AlphaWorks' first game, Robocode, have been downloaded. In this code-writing tutorial, players build robots to com... 

  • Quick Takes: Financials a fit for Linux

    Two vendors deliver or support Linux to financial institutions leading off this edition of Quick Takes. 

  • Defense department endorses open-source software

    The Department of Defense recently endorsed the use of open-source tools within the organization -- putting OSS on a level playing field with proprietary software. 

  • The Wrong Choice: After picking NT, Trampoline firm leaps to Linux

    Super Tramp Trampolines took a leap of faith and moved its systems and data to open-source from NT 4.0, which had quickly maxed out running commercial applications. 

  • IBM's Stallings hears customers' Linux stories

    IBM Corp.'s Linux general manager Jim Stallings recently concluded his first 100 days in office with a trip to meet with 100 customers and hear their Linux stories. 

  • IBM Linux GM hears enterprise Linux story

    Jim Stallings first public appearance as the general manager of IBM Corp.'s Linux business was in January in New York City at LinuxWorld. Since then, unless you're an IBM enterprise Linux customer, you haven't seen much of the IT veteran. He's spent ... 

  • Reader's view: Proprietary support breeds lazy IT pros

    An IT professional offers a first-person account of his experiences with commercial and open-source support. 

  • Researcher: Linux gaining on Unix

    D.H. Brown released the results of its third Linux Function Review, comparing SuSE Linux Enterprise Server, Red Hat Advanced Server and Debian GNU/Linux against top Unix systems.