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  • LinuxWorld: Users yawn at SCO's legal action

    LinuxWorld Conference & Expo attendees ho-hum the SCO Group's legal battle against Linux. Advocate Bruce Perens, however, points out that SCO may have started an avalanche of patent suits. 

  • LinuxWorld: Real-world projects show Linux at work

    LinuxWorld Conference & Expo attendees saw plenty of real-life examples of Linux at work in the enterprise. 

  • LinuxWorld: Kernel changes spice up next-gen technologies

    An IBM executive looks into his crystal ball and shares his predictions on how the 2.6.0 kernel, grid computing and virtualization will affect next-generation technologies. 

  • Data center barriers to Linux are history

    In this interview, a Linux expert declares 2003 the year of Linux deployments in the enterprise data center. LinuxCare CEO Avery Lyford explains what barriers remain, describes the benefits of consolidating servers on Linux and talks about the evolut... 

  • LinuxWorld: Red Hat pads fund to fight SCO, files complaint

    Red Hat kicked LinuxWorld off with a bang when it announced it has filed a complaint in federal court against SCO Group for its "unfair and deceptive" actions. Also, it pledged $1 million for a fund intended to help the open-source community fight an... 

  • LinuxWorld: Evangelist advises on preparing Linux pitch

    In this interview, Novell Linux Business Office chairman Matt Asay explains how enterprise officers need to prepare before pitching Linux and open-source to decision makers. 

  • LinuxWorld preview: New 2.6 kernel bringing new level of competition from Linux

    Experts headed to LinuxWorld this week offer their Linux predictions for the next six months, and gauge the operating system's growth during the past half year. 

  • Who owns Unix? Open Group seeks to clarify

    Who owns Unix? To read much of the recent news coming out of Lindon, Utah, you might think that it's SCO Group, the company currently suing IBM Corp. over Big Blue's alleged donation of Unix code to the Linux community. But you'd be wrong.

  • IT job trends: Best bets in 2003 and beyond

    This IT jobs prognostication is the most-read expert tip for the first-half of 2003. Check out the nine runners-up below. 

  • Torvalds talks 2.6.0 and SCO

    A guilt-free Linus Torvalds is working on the Linux 2.6 kernal full time -- overtime, actually -- now that he's the Open Source Development Lab's first Fellow. Free of his Transmeta obligations, he's been able to push development forward. In this e-m...