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  • Linux and french fries -- a real happy meal

    Agribusiness J.R. Simplot uses virtualization technology from VMware running on Linux to save money and server space. 

  • SCO: No choice but to go after Linux

    As a senior vice president at SCO and general manager of the company's SCOsource division, Chris Sontag is responsible for managing and protecting the SCO Group's intellectual property. In this e-mail interview with, Sontag ... 

  • Analyst: HP's overtures to Sun 'a marketing thing'

    An industry analyst opines on Hewlett-Packard's courtship of Sun Solaris customers; HP is offering a migration plan valued at close to $25,000. 

  • Maturity makes Linux less of a gamble for the enterprise

    Maturity and movement on the 2.6 kernel is making Linux more palatable for enterprises. 

  • Not Microsoft-only anymore: Why NetIQ now loves Linux

    NetIQ is no longer Microsoft monogamous. The company announced its new NetIQ AppManager WebConsole to manage Linux and Unix environments this week. 

  • Experts: Forget the FUD about Linux scalability

    In this interview, three site experts set the record straight about Linux scalability. 

  • Truth and lies about Linux scalability

    In this interview, Peter Honeyman, director of the Linux Scalability Project (LSP), refutes claims that Linux lags behind in scalability. Honeyman also talks about the evolution of Linux's scalability and enhancements that are coming in the 2.6 kerne... 

  • SCO CEO gets roasted on new site

    Hell hath no fury like that of a penguin scorned. The SCO vs. Linux scrap continues to spawn many a harsh word. 

  • Sun CEO: Linux is for 'hobbyists,' not enterprise

    Scott McNealy is apparently still kicking and screaming about Sun's entry into Linux and open-source, telling attendees at the SunNetwork conference last week that the operating system is for "hobbyists" and not enterprise IT shops. McNealy said Linu... 

  • Linux meets uptime, scalability needs for wholesaler

    An automobile wholesaler, facing expiring licenses on aging proprietary servers, makes the move to running its Oracle applications on a Linux-on-Intel system. Linux keeps costs under control and boosts scalability and performance, the company's CIO ...