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  • The Wrong Choice: Australian fisheries agency throws NT back in the water

    In this interview, the Australian Fisheries Management Authority declares its NT servers DOA and explains how Linux saved its DBMS woes. 

  • Analyst advises CIOs on fence about SCO and Linux

    Gartner's George Weiss wraps up a two-part interview by telling enterprises not to pay SCO's license fees and to involve legal counsel in the decision-making process. 

  • Gartner analyst scrutinizes SCO-Linux flap

    Analyst George Weiss digs into the SCO Group's legal action against IBM and Linux and details what it's done to SCO's business and what CIOs are saying. 

  • Torvalds: Test kernel crucial for proactive enterprises

    In this interview, Linus Torvalds talks up the test version of the 2.6 Linux kernel, which was released last weekend. He also hints at when a stable, production-ready 2.6 might be released. 

  • Enterprises asked to 'hammer' on new 2.6 test kernel

    Linus Torvalds on Monday released a test version of the 2.6 Linux kernel and asked enterprises to download it, test it and report their findings to the Open Source Development Lab. 

  • Linux a fare deal for online travel agent

    The mainframe just isn't mainstream anymore for online airfare agent Sabre Holdings, which announced that it's moving its lookup service to Linux and an open source database. 

  • Highway patrol gives Linux a green light

    The Missouri State Highway Patrol hums along on Red Hat Linux, as aging Windows NT systems are given a life sentence. 

  • McBride: Investment strengthens SCO's IP fight

    SCO Group CEO Darl McBride has a fresh $50 million in his "war chest" thanks to an investor. McBride says the cash will help SCO protect its IP, among other things. 

  • SCO halts Linux invoice effort

    The SCO Group announced it would not pursue Unix licenses from commercial users of Linux. An analyst said SCO's efforts may be "running out of gas." 

  • Data Center Directions

    Where is the data center going? Browse through our collection of resources for a look into the next generation of high-performance computing architectures. You'll find insight into preparing to manage, secure, network, and back up the data center of...