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  • 2004 outlook: VoIP to rise, Sun to set

    TechTarget editor in chief Paul Gillin makes his annual predictions, and this year's batch holds high hopes for voice over IP and Linux, and caution for Sun Microsystems and grid computing. 

  • Linux 2.6 kernel 'out of detox'

    Linus Torvalds released the 2.6 version of the Linux kernel on Wednesday to the delight of the kernel watchers. 

  • Innovation, cost-savings highlight mainframe-to-Linux move

    Sabre Holdings Corp., a $2 billion firm in Southlake, Texas, provides the technology power that fuels the high-flying online travel Web sites owned by American Airlines and Travelocity. To keep that technology from being grounded by high costs, Sabre... 

  • Debate raging over DDoS attack on SCO

    SCO Group says hackers are flooding its Web site with traffic, overwhelming its servers and keeping it offline. Some posters to Groklaw doubt that's the case. 

  • Commentary: New kernel to bring Linux to enterprise forefront expert Ken Milberg digs under the hood of the upcoming 2.6 Linux kernel and examines the benefits and opportunities it presents for Linux in the enterprise. 

  • Linux nudges aside Unix for financial services company

    First Trust Corp. has put Linux at the heart of its business, pushing aside long-standing Unix systems to realize substantial cost savings and a performance increase. 

  • IT admins: SCO threats not stopping Linux projects

    Network and systems administrators don't seem to be in any rush to halt or delay Linux or open source projects because of the latest threats from the SCO Group. CEO Darl McBride, meanwhile, contends that commercial Linux users are continuing to sign ... 

  • Infopia keeps Linux, cuts costs with outsourcing

    A marketing services firm cuts costs with Linux application development. 

  • McBride: Don't blame us, blame IBM

    SCO Group CEO Darl McBride predicted doom for the GPL and that Linux's days as a free OS were numbered during a keynote presentation Tuesday. 

  • With Linux, fisheries authority hauls in ROI

    The Australian Fisheries Management Authority recently moved its database management system from Windows NT to Linux and open source. In this interview, AFMA's systems manager describes the return on the agency's investment.