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  • Romancing the penguin -- Do you speak geek?

    In this week's action-packed adventure, you find yourself surrounded by jaguars, panthers and vicious penguins. Can you speak their language and survive in the IT jungle? 

  • Report: Linux's role growing in enterprise

    A Burton Group research report said the gap between Unix and Linux in the enterprise is shrinking. And improvements to the Linux kernel and vendor support will continue to close that gap. 

  • McBride blames IBM, Novell for SCO's fiscal woes

    SCO Group CEO Darl McBride said misinformation and delays from Novell and IBM respectively have put a dent in the Unix vendor's licensing business and quarterly financial numbers. 

  • Who wrote Linux? I did! No, Harry did! Or was it the monkey?

    Now that there's money to be made from Linux, creators of the Linux kernel's code are showing up faster than long-lost relatives at a billionaire's funeral. First, SCO said that a bunch of Linux code belongs to them. Now, some folks are saying that L... 

  • Buffer flaws fixed in Ethereal, Kerberos, Squid and CVS

    Red Hat released several security advisories today advising users to patch their systems and repair flaws in several open source components of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. 

  • NX slams door on Linux buffer exploits

    Using a worm to execute code by overflowing a Linux memory buffer just got tougher. 

  • Stock trader's Linux fairy tale thrives

    Hardware failures and vendor switches couldn't scare Automated Trading Desk away from Linux. 

  • Linux, Windows to win war over data center

    Yikes! It's really happening. Analysts report that the shift toward Linux and Windows dominance in the data center has begun. 

  • Thin Linux clients deliver Internet to library patrons

    A Connecticut public library shaved thousands off its IT budget using a Linux thin-client implementation to bring Internet access and search capabilities to its patrons. 

  • Author dissects inclusion of IPsec in Linux 2.6 kernel

    The IPsec (Internet Protocol security) improvements in the Linux 2.6 kernel will take networking to a new level, said author and IT instructor Richard Petersen. In particular, IPsec removes third parties from virtual private network (VPN) creation, m...