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  • With open source, free isn't always a bargain

    Big names like IBM, BEA Systems and Computer Associates have opened up portions of their proprietary product lines as open source alternatives. But does a free label necessarily mean users should snatch it up? 

  • Brazil, meet Linux

    Earlier this month, IBM sealed a deal with the Brazilian government with the introduction of a Knowledge and Technology Center, of CDTC, at the University of Brasila (UnB) that will promote Linux and other open source standards.

    The cente... 

  • Governments getting cozy with Linux

    Government adoption of Linux is spreading, and consultants and vendors say it's a trend that's here to stay. 

  • Hardware spending hits its stride with Linux

    A Forrester Research hardware spending survey shows strong growth with Linux at the heart of the spurt. 

  • Open declaration gathers heavy support

    It's not quite what the founding fathers had in mind, but the Open Group's IT Declaration of Independence is gaining serious grass-roots support and backing from IBM. 

  • LinuxWorld preview: Linux jobs on the rise, so do your homework

    Looking for a job at LinuxWorld and everywhere else? IT recruiting expert Scot Melland says you have more grounds for optimism than in recent years. In this Q&A, he describes where the jobs are and how much they're paying. 

  • San Francisco: My kind of Linux town Editor Jan Stafford explains why you might leave your heart in San Francisco during this year's LinuxWorld Conference & Expo. 

  • Generous open source donations ultimately pay off

    Software vendors are donating once proprietary software to open source -- and be sure there's a method to their madness. 

  • LinuxWorld preview: What are the Unix vendors' plans for Linux?

    Columnist Kenneth Milberg offers his take on which vendor to watch at LinuxWorld, and whether their strategies will actually improve Linux based-technologies. 

  • Novell proving its commitment to Linux

    Novell is banking its comeback on Linux, and only time will tell if the vendor will win its wager.