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  • LOL: Will the real Linux creator please waddle up?

    Who is Linus Torvalds' secret collaborator? The answer lies beneath the ice. 

  • Hell hath no fury like Linux scorned

    Are Linux advocates justified in their reaction to a recent report suggesting Linux is an easily compromised operating system? Defenders of Linux say they simply want the truth to be told, but others say the Linux community needs to lighten up. 

  • Maddog weighs in on the state of the Linux

    Jon "Maddog" Hall is the executive director of Linux International, a nonprofit organization based in Amherst, N.H., that is comprised of developers and contributors worldwide.

    Hall joined Linux International as a volunteer in 1991 and has be... 

  • LOL: Was Linux forged in Mordor?

    Fact or fantasy? Another wild story about the origins of Linux. This one involves a Finn from Helsinki. 

  • LOL time: A penguin's bite gives Linux a bark

    Can a bite on the nose by a penguin be the true source of Linux development? 

  • How IT pros got hooked on open source software

    Three IT pros talk about how they discovered open source software, took a risk and made the jump, and where that move has led them today. 

  • Linux gains are more than money

    After the recent release of three reports all claiming 30% savings by using open source, it is fairly safe to say open source can save you money. Two analysts weigh in on Linux's other strengths and how those strengths, not the money, will keep Linux... 

  • It's for nerds, stupid, a new Web site from the technology and news forum, could be a boon to political pundits who love seeing page views skyrocket after their story gets picked up. Insiders call it the "Slashdot effect." But the big deb... 

  • Mandrakesoft finds footing with new roots

    The past few years have been a roller coaster ride for Paris-based Mandrakesoft, which filed for bankruptcy protection in January 2003, emerged in March 2004 with a nine-month plan to repay its creditors, thanks in part to the company's first prof... 

  • Open source advocates dismiss Gartner piracy report

    A Gartner report is claiming that 80% of PCs with pre-installed Linux being shipped to emerging markets will eventually run a pirated version of Windows. Some open source advocates, including Jon "Maddog" Hall, are wondering where Gartner got its num...